How to make and take Calcium from the egg shell?

Everyone knows that calcium is necessary for our body for the proper development and health of our teeth and bones. In addition, it increases blood coagulability, is responsible for the transmission of nerve signals and improves the functioning of the heart muscles.

It is very important that in our body calcium is not produced independently, but its losses are quite high. Daily calcium is lost with dead cells of the skin, nails and hair, with liquids withdrawn from our body – sweat secretions, urine and so on.

In the case when the calcium is not enough, it is taken from our bones. To make up for the lack of calcium, you must eat foods rich in this element, such as eggshells.

Most of the calcium is contained in the eggshell.

It includes calcium carbonate, which is its main part. Calcium is found in large amounts in animal bones and in the shell of oysters, but in comparison with the eggshell – they obviously lose, these products contain harmful heavy metals.

In addition, calcium is in milk, but at the same time, the quality of the dairy product should be appropriate. The assimilation of milk in our body takes place in such a way that calcium is needed to assimilate the butter.

As a result of the metabolism of milk, one fat molecule is attached to two molecules of calcium. It turns out that calcium is actively consumed by our body stores to digest dairy products.

After reading the composition on various packages, you can often find in the description that this product contains calcium. Indeed, it is part of many products, but whether it will be useful to the body is a big question.

Eggshell contains the most balanced calcium, which is close in composition to the microchemistry of the human body. As a result, the eggshell is well absorbed and absorbed, besides, besides calcium, there are more than 30 useful microelements in it.

We make calcium from the egg shell.

To prepare calcium, we only need the eggshell itself. It is very important that the eggs are the most natural, it is best to take them from domestic birds, then you can be sure that the bird has received natural food. Calcium, obtained from the shell of such eggs, will bring the greatest benefit to the body.

Cooking method:

  1. We wash the shell itself with water while leaving a white film, since it also contains useful substances.
  2. Then boil the shell in boiling water for about 7 minutes to kill all the bacteria.
  3. Any convenient way to dry the eggshell (on a towel, tray, napkin and so on).
  4. Now you can start chopping the shell. This can be done in various ways, for example, with a blender or a coffee grinder. To do this, it is necessary first to break the shell into small pieces, then put them into a coffee grinder and grind them to a powder state.

If you are not a fan of modern technology, take a conventional rolling pin, put the shell in a bag and roll it to a powdery state.

How much calcium should I take from the shell?

The shell from one egg is about one teaspoon of white powder. In turn, this is about seven hundred milligrams of calcium. For the average human body, you need about four hundred milligrams of calcium per day.

It turns out, you need to eat about half a teaspoon of calcium per day. It is better to take it for 2 times because at one time, our body can absorb about five hundred milligrams of calcium.

For pregnant women, twice as much calcium is needed, and for children, respectively, half as much. You should consider how you eat.

If your food is saturated with calcium in the proper amount, for example, you eat soups brewed on bones, drink several glasses of milk per day, eat various dairy products, then the dose of calcium intake per day should be reduced.

When is calcium best used?

The best time for taking calcium is the morning. Do not forget that it is perfectly absorbed with the vitamins of group A and D. Therefore when taking calcium, it is desirable to eat foods containing these vitamins, for example, liver, cream and coconut oil.

Calcium excellently absorbed with vitamin C. Many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, block the absorption of calcium. Thus, calcium citrate will be useful for people with diseases from the stomach.

This is due to the fact that calcium citrate is well absorbed in the body by itself, that is, it can be taken separately from food. How can I get calcium citrate?

How to get calcium citrate from a shell with lemon juice?

Its preparation is quite simple, the eggshell dissolves in the acid of the lemon.

First option: mix half a teaspoon of eggshell and lemon juice. Lemon juice should be always fresh! The reaction will begin and the mixture will bubble. Let’s brew, but not more than 12 hours. Take a half teaspoon, you can drink water.

The second option: soak the egg in lemon juice in a glass bowl. Egg must be washed beforehand. Cover and put in a cold place, about forty-eight hours.

The main thing is to shake the contents periodically to create bubbles. We take out the egg after about forty-eight hours, when this mixture will not bubble. We use half the teaspoon, you can even a little more, once a day.

The third option: soak 3 washed eggs in lemon juice, close the lid with a container and put in a cold place for about forty-eight hours. Do not forget to shake the jar periodically to create bubbles.

After there is not a single bubble, you can pull out the eggs neatly. The liquid that turned out, and will be calcium citrate. You need to use it for half a teaspoon a day, you can gradually increase the amount.

The fourth option: in a teaspoon pour the egg powder and add there two or three drops of lemon juice. This option is suitable for especially lazy people, the method is fairly simple, but also effective.

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