Correct posture until old age

Sometimes people look back at an elderly woman and think: “How could she keep such a figure?” People are amazed because they often see around them the figures of slouching women, hunched backs, crooked legs, incorrect posture. Especially so look for women who in their youth do everything to seem high. However, the impression of a well-formed figure does not depend on the heels, on the high or low figure.

The famous dancer Isadora Duncan was short, but she seemed tall. Similarly, ballerinas in most cases of low growth, look high. How is this explained? The way to keep the body. Duncan taught that you should move as if you were suspended by the chest and pulled up.

And in fact, if we imagine this, then we will feel suddenly somehow easier, the chest and head straighten up, we walk more easily and look above. If you begin to exercise regularly, without delay, you will get used to keeping the body in motion and in a calm state, then you will look slim even in old age.

Business, of course, not only in a slender figure. It is much more important than our physical health is associated with the state of muscles, bones, and joints. A good figure is a correct posture, the correct load of the organs of movement, and hence no pains and difficulties in the joints and muscles in old age! All this must be thought in advance so that we do not get unpleasant changes in the body due to our inattention to these important parts of the body.

How to wear a heavy load?

Doctors in this issue warn that it is better to go several times and carry less than to raise too heavy a thing or bag at once because the walking light is more useful than with a heavy burden.

A shopping bag cannot be worn in one hand, and when it is heavy, one often has to see: a woman is dragging purchases all, bending in one direction, sticking out her side, with a curved spine. So to carry a bag is harmful, and sooner or later it will affect! So do not buy so much right away, go shopping better several times.

Correct posture
Correct posture

A few more words about bags and cases: look at their contents and ruthlessly throw out unnecessary things! Save each gram! Think about each thing, is it really necessary. Is it possible to replace it with something easier? This is really important: you will extend your physical endurance if you carry a few things as possible with you.

Do not forget to alternate hands. Do not be afraid that the left hand is closer to the heart, and that, therefore, it cannot be tired: it is absolutely the same, in which hand to bear weight.

You, probably, remind children that they carried schoolbags not in hands, but on their backs. The difference between them and you is only that schoolchildren who want to carry a bag in their hand will injure themselves with a spinal column, which they will later ache, in adulthood, while you will already be sick.

Special recommendation for mature women: wear small bags on the strap over your shoulder. So it is more convenient – hands remain free. But the shoulders should also be alternated. If you follow these simple tips, the figure will be slender and retain a correct posture for a long time.

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