Why and How to Eat Corn for Good Health?

In this article, we will talk about how useful corn is, how to store and correctly cook, about its composition and health benefits.

Where did the corn come from and its species?

As we, know, corn has become a full mistress of the fields. It was brought by American conquistadors, who traveled from America to Europe.

At home, she was domesticated 8,000 years ago. Since then, it is a useful culture, which is actively used for food. The people of America (South and Central) have made it a real object of worship.

Nowadays this culture is growing everywhere. It is produced in Russia, the countries of the Middle Abroad, the countries of Latin America and Europe.

Types of corn. A large number of its species are known. Everyone, of course, knows the yellow color of the ears. But there are varieties whose grains are colored in purple, pink, red, white and even black tones.

The yellow variety contains antioxidants, carotenoids. In violet there is protocaetic acid, and in the blue variety – anthocyanins.

Why is corn useful?

So that you do not have stomach problems, you need to observe five important rules.

Corn is useful because it includes substances such as zeaxanthin and unchanged lutein. These are natural dyes and antioxidants from nature itself. If the grain of corn is well dried and ground, they will retain a large number of antioxidants.

Also in corn contains useful fiber . If the grains are well-welded, they need to be chewed for a long time. This is explained by the large content of useful dietary fiber. The result is a rapid saturation. You can forget that you were hungry.

Also, fiber contributes to proper digestion and significantly improves the microflora of our intestines. Every day you need to eat at least 2.5 grains.

Corn is useful for everyone, and not just for those who constantly care about their weight. This is a really healthy food that has a beneficial effect on our body.

Useful properties of corn

Due to its useful properties, corn is recommended for those who suffer from a disease such as diabetes mellitus . In corn kernels contains a lot of fiber. As a result, their digestion is very slow. The result – the amount of glucose in the blood does not increase.

The pleasant taste of corn porridge and attractive appearance made it an indispensable meal, even for the most capricious kids.

The composition of corn is (in 100 g) 10% of the daily norm of such a useful vitamin C. It contains the necessary B3 and useful magnesium (9%). B5 (8%). At the same time, there are very few kilocalories in it – only 90.

How to choose the right corn?

When choosing juicy corn cobs, one should prefer those that did not lie very long in the sun. Such fruits become a favorable environment for the blistering proliferation of harmful microorganisms. It is worth choosing those on which the leaves are really fresh and fit fairly tightly.


In order to correctly choose corn, it is necessary to find out how good the cob is. All the grains should fit tightly together. Color – creamy or pleasant yellow. If visible mold is visible, there are characteristic spots and unpleasant bald patches, then such corn should not be bought.

You can choose corn in frozen form in stores at any time. A delicious mixture in traditional packages is usually used as an unusual side dish to different dishes. Often, it adds an excessive amount of rice, which is low in the food plan and at the same time high in calories.

If you do not want to cook corn by yourself, you can buy it ready in large eateries. You can not buy it from private traders. It is not known whether they observed the necessary cleanliness in the cooking process.

How to store corn correctly

If the cob is fresh, it lies well in the refrigerator for a maximum of three days. If it is frozen, then it is perfectly stored for about four months.

You can boil a bit of the cob, and then freeze. This will allow them to cook faster.

How delicious to cook corn

Usually, corn is boiled in water (salt is always added) or steamed. Preparation takes from half an hour to one and a half.

Grains are not fried and baked, because from this they simply harden and become tasteless. If the corn is already frozen, a tasty sote is prepared from it. It is good to use as a garnish or as an independent original dish.

A salad of boiled and necessarily cooled corn kernels is very popular. To them add juicy tomatoes, red beans in ready form, pepper (green). For refueling use a spoonful of oil (olive) or not very fat yogurt.

You can add juicy corn in the process of making some soup. It will become an ideal replacement for conventional potatoes.

Many people like this delicacy, like popcorn. It is undoubtedly useful. But do not add a lot of salt and oil. You can cook this delicacy from dry grains in a frying pan.

A healthy life believes that it is most useful for an organism to cook corn for a couple. And, if the grains are frozen, you can add them to soups or side dishes.

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