How to Choose the Right Perfume

As often happens, that the aroma you like in the store is annoying at home already. How to buy perfume, so as not to make a mistake in choosing?

Step one.

You should start choosing a perfume not with a bottle or with a price, but, first of all, with the store in which you are going to buy it.

A good solid perfume showroom with a name and reputation is exactly what you need to make a deliberate and calm purchase. In such stores, as a rule, there is perfumery of almost all known and unknown manufacturers.

However, if you are looking for something specific (for example, the aroma of an oriental-spicy family), then you should consult a seller who will direct you to such vials. Otherwise, you risk wasting time searching for perfume and getting a headache from all the smells that you will have to try.

Step two.

When choosing a fragrance, several nuances must be considered. Women’s perfumes are so diverse and oversaturated in shades that, after trying just two or three bottles, you will cease to feel the difference, and all the flavors will merge into you into one cacophony of scents, from which the one, the only one will be virtually impossible. So do not rush and calm down, if you want spirits to please you for a long time, then it’s worth spending some time on their choice.

– Forget all the stories that after the sniffing of coffee your sense of smell will be fully restored – this is nonsense. Inhaling alcohol compositions, we injure the delicate mucous of the nose (it turns out like a burn), so no coffee can not instantly heal. You just need time to recover.

– Come to the store every day and try on two, a maximum of three fragrances. To do this, apply a small amount of a test bottle to the test strip, swing a few times in a strip in the air (in order for the “hard” alcohols to evaporate) and bring it to your nose.

– The fragrances are multi-layered and therefore, it is not necessary to choose perfumes immediately, but after some time. That wave of smell, which you will feel first, is the initial note of perfume. This composition lasts least of all (from twenty to forty minutes) and on it to choose the perfume is not recommended. It is more ethereal and flat, does not leave almost any nuances on your body.


The second wave or, so-called, “heart notes” – on it the spirits are chosen by the true connoisseurs. This is the fragrance that, mixed with the warmth of your skin, will give you a voluminous aromatic sound in five to seven hours. It will be felt by people around you. Therefore, choosing a perfume on the test strip, apply perfume on your wrist and walk with them for about five hours – so you will feel their real smell.

– Do not look for the only correct spirits for you. They are in many ways reminiscent of women – as fleeting and changeable as the mood. It is advisable that in your arsenal of seducer there were several favorite vials: one for the evening cocktail, the second for the windy girl, the third for the woman vamp. By the way, you can experiment: male perfumery also offers so-called “odors-unisex”, which like confident and determined women.

How to choose the right perfume.

When selecting, pay special attention to the labeling on the vial. If the bottle says ” Parfum “, it means that you have real spirits, the fragrance of which has several notes, and will hold on for a long time (we are not going to talk about forgery now).

If you see ” Eau de Parfum ” on the bottle, know that you have ” perfumed water ” in your hands. The composition of aromatic components in such a bottle is less concentrated. Perfumed water, or, as it is also called, “toilet perfume”, keep on the skin a little fewer spirits and costs a little cheaper.

The inscription ” Eau de Toilette ” should tell you that you have scented water before you. There should not be any special requests for the strength of the composition, and they cost far fewer spirits (often three to four times).

The last recommendation.

When choosing spirits, do not be greedy: do not buy yourself whole bags of perfumes you like. The fact is that the fragrance of this fragrant preserves its original properties (and smell) for only one year. Then it starts to change, and no tricks, for example, storage in the refrigerator, absolutely will not change the processes of transformation of the smell – it will simply become different. Therefore, acquiring them, several aspects should be taken into account at once.

  • First, how many spirits are you using at the same time?
  • Secondly, how often and how much you use them.
  • Thirdly, how much you are sure of this aroma: if it is a debut purchase, it is necessary to stop the choice on a sampler, which is quite enough, in order to understand how much you like it.

Lovers to pour out a large amount of perfume will not pose any risk of buying a large volume bottle of 75 and 100 ml. Owners of several flavors simultaneously do not make sense to buy them in large packages, the most suitable is a volume of 50 ml.

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