How to apply for duplicate Election Voter ID card?

voter id cardWe all know the importance of our Election ID card, popularly known as Voter ID card in India. It allows us to vote for our MLA / MP of the area, and thus decides to make Government of our choice. One must carry this card in original when going to polling booth to cast vote. This card is issued by Election Commission of India.

The card is also used as a identity and address proof at various places and acts as supporting documents in banks, financial institutions, colleges, job etc.

Now, imagine what if you lost of Election ID card somewhere? May be at home, or in train, bus or lost your wallet? You’re in big trouble. You can not think of doing certain important tasks of your life with this card – including casting your vote.

But don’t worry. We’ve a solution for the same.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to apply for duplicate election id card online step by step.

Step 1 to apply for duplicate Election Voter ID card

Visit your local police station and file a FIR

Step 2 to apply for duplicate Election Voter ID card

Now, you need to visit your nearest Election Commission Office. To locate the same, Click on

You’ll get screen like this:

voter id card

Now, select your state from the list and click on “Go” button.

It will open the website of your state election commission. Now, find out “Contact us” link or similar link from the website. You need to visit that office.

Step 3 to apply for duplicate Election Voter ID card

Carry copy of FIR as mentioned in Step 1, copy of your ID and address proof like PAN card, aadhaar card, phone bill, electricity bill etc.

Step 4 to apply for duplicate Election Voter ID card

In office, fill the desired form (generally its is called form 002), attach all the documents mentioned in previous step, make the payment (ranges from Rs.10 to Rs.25 from one state to another) and get an acknowledgement slip.

That’s it.

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