Environment Calendar of India | Important Dates

If you’re looking for Environment Calendar of India, you’re at right place. This article will show you the complete list of Environment Calendar of India.

Environment Calendar



World Wetland Day
 2 February
National Science Day
28 February
World Forestry Day
21 March
World Water Day
22 March
World Meteorological Day
 23 March
World Health Day
 7 April
World Heritage Day
 18 April
Earth Day
 22 April
Anti Tobacco Day
 31 May
World Environment Day
 5 June
World Population Day
 11 July
 World Ozone Day
 16 September
 Green Consumer Day
 28 September
 World Habitat Day
 3 October
 World Animal Welfare Day
 4 October
 International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction
 13 October
 Children’s Day in India
 14 November
 Bhopal Tragedy Day
 2 December
Environment Calendar of India | Important Dates
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