How to effectively cleanse the body of toxins?

It’s no secret that we live in an unhealthy environment, breathe polluted air, drink polluted water and eat foods with high levels of harmful substances, we treat medicinal drugs, which, as folk wisdom says – one treats, and another mutilates smoke and abuse alcohol. In addition, we buy and carry toxic synthetic clothing and all the time we are under the influence of electromagnetic waves and electromagnetic smog.

In our body toxins easily penetrate and cause various pathological changes in the body: block the circulation of blood, energy, disrupt the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, urinary system, cause problems with blood vessels and the heart … And these are only external manifestations, that is, those that the person feels. And what can be done at the cellular level? Nobody can tell us this, but if we go to specialized laboratories, then with 100% certainty we can say that there are no healthy people. And the primary source of all unhealthy changes in the body are precisely these – toxins …

cleanse the body of toxins
cleanse the body of toxins

Part of the toxins form heavy metals, unoxidized fats and cholesterol, whites, uric acid, acetaldehyde, which is not completely processed and digested by the body’s enzymes, which occurs with the use of alcohol and other harmful substances that massively saturate our body from the untreated water, atmosphere and sometimes harmful food. These toxins disrupt the normal metabolic processes in the body, make a limitation and create an environment that is favorable for the development of various diseases and abnormal reactions of the immune system, reduce the life time of a person.

Effective fight with toxins can. For example, asking yourself the question – why many rural inhabitants of mountainous Asia – Tibet, the Himalayas – live to 100 or more years, for the whole life they are sick only with mild forms of cold, and do not die from illnesses, but “from old age”. The reason for the strong spirit and body of Chinese people lies precisely in folk Chinese medicine, which absorbed the natural recipes of nature, accumulated over the centuries, to maintain the health of the body.

Until recently, these recipes could only be used by select people with large incomes. Now, healing Chinese medicine is available to every inhabitant of the Earth.

In addition, adjusting to our modern age, where the main criteria of treatment – efficiency and convenience for the patient, scientists of the company ” Tibet Highland Herbs ” ™ have developed a unique form of medicinal substance – skin patch impregnated with extracts of medicinal herbs of mountain Tibet, thanks to which the medicinal substances penetrate the body directly through the skin, binding the toxins and removing them, thereby completely cleansing the human body of all unnecessary that our urbanistic age “gives” us.

The company ZDOROVEE offers a great applicator that gives your body energy and vitality. The best means for cleansing the body. Due to the shape of the skin patch, the applicator is easy to apply. A unique complex, including a specially selected composition, will help you cleanse the body and feel healthy.

Cleansing the body is your way to health!

The detoxification effect of the plaster is based on the action of medicinal plants:

Flos Lonicerae (Japanese honeysuckle)

Flos Lonicerae
Flos Lonicerae

Strengthens the secretion of gastric juice and digestive capacity of the stomach, relieves inflammation during intoxication. Reduces blood pressure, completely eliminates the manifestations of cold in its early stages.

Fructus Forsythiae Suspensae (Fruit of the forsythia hanging down)

Fructus Forsythiae Suspensae
Fructus Forsythiae Suspensae

Have anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and anti-edema action; have anti-allergic effect.

Catechu (Acacia Catechu)


Used as a tannic tannin and toxin-binding substance for diseases of the digestive tract, diseases of the throat and mouth /

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