How to test for indoor air quality?

Does anyone smoke in the house?

Tobacco smoke is the main cause of indoor air pollution. It contains more than 4,000 chemicals, many of which are toxic or cause cancer. Avoid smoking indoors or smoking in well-ventilated and isolated areas. Never smoke in the presence of children, especially if they have asthma or an allergy.

Is there a fireplace in the house or a wood stove?

If the stove or oven is not properly ventilated, nitrogen dioxide and particles that can cause respiratory illness can be released. Regularly clean the fireplace and wood stove, and also make a professional inspection before each heating season.

indoor air quality
indoor air quality

Do you have a gas cooker?

The gas stove can emit carbon monoxide, which is a toxic gas and can cause a headache, drowsiness, nausea, weakness, clouding of consciousness and even death. Install an exhaust fan above the gas stove, which draws air to the street. Contact the gas service with the request to install the plate in the right way: so that the flame was blue, not yellow. If you buy a new plate, choose one that does not have an ignitor. Do not heat the house with a gas stove.

Is the attic and basement of your house well ventilated?

Good ventilation of the attic, cellar or cellar, as well as humidity below 50%, prevents the accumulation of moisture. Humidity is a favorable environment for the appearance of mold, which exacerbates allergy and asthma, as well as other respiratory diseases. During wet weather, use moisture eliminators.

Do you use humidifiers and air conditioning?

Mold, bacteria, and viruses appear in a humid environment and accumulate in humidifiers and ventilation systems. They spread through the air and cause various diseases. Often, clean the humidifiers, as indicated in the instructions, and change the water daily. Also, clean the pallets in the air conditioning systems.

Do you have any pets?

Allergies can develop on animal hair (small skin cells that lose animals), as well as saliva. Effective can be frequent bathing and combing the animal, which, if possible, is performed by someone who does not suffer from allergies. Do not let the animal into some rooms in the house, for example in the bedroom, or at least limit their stay there. Sometimes people with an allergy to animals have to give up their pets.

Is there carpet in your house?

Water-damaged coating is a favorable environment for the appearance of mold and bacteria. You must remove water-damaged carpets and get rid of mold and bacteria.

If you buy a new carpet, glues and litter they can secrete chemicals that cause headache, eye, nose, throat irritation and other symptoms. Choose products that allocate the least amount of these substances. Leave the room during the installation of the cover and ventilate all rooms.

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