Immunization of Travelers

Recommendations for vaccination

If you are going to travel, consult a doctor about the need for vaccination several months before departure. Certain factors, for example, the age and state of health where you are going, the length of stay, may increase the risk of contracting an infectious disease and in this case vaccination is necessary.

Age and state of health

For people with certain diseases, such as, immune system disorders, there may be a need for other additional vaccinations. In addition, small children who travel must undergo scheduled vaccination earlier.

Route of trip

In most developed countries (including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, western and northern European countries), the risk of contracting a serious infectious disease is no greater than in the US.

Immunization of Travelers
Immunization of Travelers

But in developing countries (most countries in Africa and Asia, as well as in South and Central America), the incidence of serious serious infectious diseases is much higher than in most developed countries. Especially in places where sanitation is low (for example, contaminated water and food).

If you are going to go to South America and Africa, the doctor may suggest you get vaccinated against yellow fever.

Travelers to developing countries should take measures to prevent infection with hepatitis A, against which you can get vaccinated. Additional vaccination may be recommended, for example, a counter-typhoid vaccine. The need for such immunization depends on the history of human immunization, the route and purpose of the trip, the time of year and the frequency and duration of outbreaks.

How are you going to travel, and what kind of activities will you conduct?

Certain activities or ways of traveling can increase the risk of incidence. These include:

  • Study of rural areas or terrain, which is not included in the usual tourist route.
  • The hiker.
  • Visiting other countries.

Length of stay

The longer you stay in the country, the more you are exposed to pathogens that are typical for the area, which can be harmful.

Other vaccines

For more information on vaccination for travelers, please consult your doctor.

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