5 most fascinating women’s spirits

New perfumery appears and disappears, and this fantastic five, proven by many generations, steadily moves from season to season. After all, it is the cream of what nature and human thought could give us.

The fragrance of Chanel number 5, Chanel

The famous fragrance is already 90 years old! Chanel number 5 to order Coco invented Mr. Bo, perfumer of the Russian royal court, who fled to Paris during the revolution. He gave the trendsetter ten flavors to choose from. Her choice fell on the essence at number 5 – so the name of the legendary perfume appeared. In 1954, an American journalist asked Marilyn Monroe what she was wearing when she went to bed, the actress replied: “A few drops of Chanel Nº 5.” On the best advertising of perfumes, you can just dream.

Shalimar , Guerlain Aroma

Guerlain Shalimar’s wonderful perfume was created in the same year as Chanel No. 5, tobish in 1921, but perfume was released only four years later. It happened at the World Exhibition in the Grand Palace of Paris.

Incredible oriental perfume was created by Jacques Guerlain himself – in the 1920s, Paris swept the moda to the East.

Aroma L’Air du Temps , Nina Ricci

The wonderful aroma of the French fashion house was created in 1948.

The son of Nina Ricci by the name of Robert, who was fond of creating fragrances more than developing the line of clothing, put before the perfumer Francis Fabron an easy task: to convey the smell of joy, tranquility, carelessness that Europe missed so much.

Even the name of the fragrance L’Air du Temps, which literally means “spirit of the times”, has symbolic character. The exact formula of perfume has been kept secret for more than 60 years.

fascinating women's spirits
fascinating women’s spirits

Aroma Youth Dew , Estee Lauder

Youth Dew (“Dew of Youth”) – the first American spirits who conquered the whole world. In 1950, Madame Lauder wanted to create a fragrance that can be used at any time of the day, and not just in the evening, then considered the rules of good taste in Europpe. This was one of the first attempts to democratize perfumery, to make it accessible to a million women, to create a luxurious gift in a pleasant way.

Opium fragrance , Yves Saint Laurent

The magnificent aroma of Opium was released by Yves Saint-Laurent in 1977, who became the embodiment of his love for the East and a brilliant understanding of female beauty and sexuality.

The creator personally chose the provocative name for the fragrance. Earlier in France, perfume with such a strong concentration of alcohol, leaving a dense plume, was not produced. Perfumers Jean-Louis Sizek and Jean Amik conveyed the smell and passion of the Asian night.

5 most fascinating women’s spirits
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