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One can confidently say that 99% of women use piercings to create their own image because the innocuous kind of piercing is the piercing of ear lobes. However, this procedure does not surprise anyone today.

Every year, the person’s fantasy is so sophisticated that a new extreme kind of piercing was invented – “brain piercing” or, as it is also called, “brain piercing”. Do it only experienced surgeons in specialized clinics under general anesthesia. They make two small holes with a curved needle in the occipital part of the human head, exactly where it has the so-called “pleasure center”. In these holes a beautiful and unusual ring is passed. The person, touching him, causes in his brain the release of endorphin – the strongest hormone, which leads into a state of high spirits and delights him.

When piercing the lip, the puncture is done laterally or centrally, and the earring on the inside should always be located between the teeth, so as not to destroy their enamel. In the center of the lip and on the cheek sometimes insert the carnation of Labrett – carnations with a flat lock, on the outer end of which is attached a nozzle of any shape, basically a ball or a peak. A small ring in the lip looks very attractive, unusual and sexy.

A special delicacy in piercing is the installation of “tunnels”, which are special tubes, gradually inserted into the tongue, lower lip or ear. It should be emphasized the gradual expansion of the holes under the “tunnels”. They are inserted in several receptions. Initially, a conventional hole with a diameter of 1 mm is made, which eventually increases to 4 mm, and so on up to 25 mm more by inserting pins (stretchers), having a wedge shape and different sizes, and special “weights”, that is, the same ear piers, In order to stretch the earlobe to the right size for the client.


The navel piercing is especially popular with pop stars. Jewels in this part of the belly are in Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Victoria Beckham and others. In Russia, the fashion for navel piercing came from the West and became popular only at the beginning of the twenty-first century. Like any invasive (penetration-related) procedure, navel piercing requires a patient’s psychological preparation and professionalism from who does it.

Dentists warn that piercing of the lips and tongue is very harmful to gums, it can cause periodontal disease, and with prolonged wear can even lead to tooth loss. Everyone who wears piercings should know that they should be afraid of lightning, and those who pierce their tongue, to know that the tongue can swell and blush, will begin fever and chills, headaches that lead to inflammation of the meninges. Therefore, all doctors should warn a person about the consequences of piercing, such as allergic reactions, infection with various infections. Fans of piercings should know that every master should have a medical education, and they should see how the doctor sterilizes their instruments. Piercing is possible only in specialized clinics, but not by yourself.

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