Best Formula of Luxurious Hair

What woman does not dream of healthy and beautiful hair ?! What should I do to make my hair look well-groomed, and the haircut is stylish and relevant? First of all, it is important to understand that the health and beauty of hair are in your hands. After all, it’s not as difficult as it might seem at first: a few elementary truths, a little attention to yourself plus careful care – and in a few weeks you will notice a change for the better. And the main points of hair care are as follows.

Choosing a hairstyle.

Usually for a basis hairdressers take five types of the face: oval, round, rectangular, triangular and square. If your face is oval in shape, you can safely wear any hairstyle. The owners of the round face in the haircut should be dominated by vertical lines. They fit a lush high hairstyle with oblique or straight bangs, as well as asymmetrically laid on the sides of the hair. The recommended length of hair is medium. When a rectangular face is recommended haircuts type graded square. Women with a triangular type of face can wear a slanting bang that covers most of the forehead and reaches the eyebrows. We recommend a light hair. Go high hairstyle with thick straight bangs. In general, contrasting hairstyles combining a straight bang and curls are good. If you have a square face, you should wear a short haircut. Good for this type of face and asymmetrical hairstyles – the hair on one side is longer than with the other, oblique parting.

Formula of Luxurious Hair
Formula of Luxurious Hair

To make the right choice of haircuts, it is important to consider the condition of the hair. It is necessary to correctly determine your hair type – normal, dry, fatty, mixed – and further, proceeding from this, choose the means for care. After all, proper hair care is a guarantee of their good appearance. It is best to seek advice from a hairdresser.

Hair washing

Wash hair as often as you want. The main thing is how you do it. First, it is best to wash your hair with boiled water. Tap water should be softened by adding 1 teaspoon of soda or glycerin to 1 liter of water. The optimum water temperature is 35-45 degrees. The fatter the hair – the cooler the water. In addition, it is very important how you apply the shampoo. Remember: first you need to rub it in the palms before the formation of foam, and only then slowly, massaging movements rub into the scalp. I advise you to wash your hair with foam. Apply the shampoo at least two times: the therapeutic effect of shampoo comes only with secondary application.

Do not forget also that after using shampoo and other means, the hair should be washed very carefully.

As for the conditioner for hair, it must be applied! Thanks to him, the hair dries faster, easier to comb and become more elastic. Shampoo and balm are better to buy one brand – they match each other in composition.

Do not neglect this rule: the means of different manufacturers do not bring good hair, and in some cases can even provoke an allergy.

The best drying of hair is natural, sometimes using a warm towel. However, if your hairstyle requires styling, dry your hair with a hairdryer in the cold-drying mode, keeping it at least 20 cm from the head. It is important to direct air from the roots of the hair to the ends. Only so your hair will be smooth and get shine.


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