Wrinkles. Causes of wrinkles. How to prevent wrinkles


Young healthy skin is elastic, smooth, tightly stretched. With age, it turns yellow, becomes dry, rough, loses its elasticity, wrinkles, grooves and folds appear on it.

Wrinkle formation occurs gradually. First, wrinkles appear on the forehead, then in the direction from the nose to the chin, at the outer corners of the eyes and, finally, on the neck, nose, chin and upper lip. Wrinkles can be observed in people of different ages, even in young people.

Causes of wrinkles

Mimic wrinkles . Wrinkles cause various facial habits: wrinkling of the forehead, squinting eyes (usually in the sun); the manner of laughing also contributes to the formation of wrinkles; in some individuals, laughter causes a sharp contraction of all facial muscles.

Premature wrinkles are also observed when the head is not properly positioned during sleep. Many sleep, placing cushions under their heads; at the same time, the head leans towards the chest, and wrinkles form on the neck and chin.

Wrinkles can also occur with intensive weight loss. Sprawling skin can not quickly contract, it sags, wrinkles.

Postponed diseases . Infectious, chronic diseases, disorders of the nervous and endocrine systems, women’s, gastrointestinal diseases weaken the body’s resistance, reduce the elasticity of the skin, and it begins to shrink.

Natural factors are the appearance of wrinkles . A considerable role in the development of wrinkles in young people is played by various external influences: prolonged exposure to the sun and wind, temperature fluctuations in the air, its excessive dryness and humidity; long stay in stuffy, smoke-filled rooms (passive smoking).


Abuse of makeup . A lot of girls with good skin are abused by frequent washing and especially by dusting their face. And the frequent use of powder dries the skin and creates the conditions for the formation of wrinkles.

Age factor of wrinkles . As early as the 3rd decade of life, wrinkles are a consequence of the onset of age-old wilting of the skin. Between 30 and 40 years, the number of wrinkles increases significantly and reaches a maximum by 55-60 years. The skin in older people loses its density and elasticity; due to the thinning of the subcutaneous fatty tissue, the rebirth and death of elastic fibers, it stretches and falls; at the same time, the zygomatic bones abruptly protrude, nasolabial folds are clearly detected, the volume of the chin, neck, and neck increases.

How to prevent wrinkles

In order to prevent the appearance of wrinkles, it is necessary to combine the implementation of a set of exercises for the facial muscles with the procedures for skin care:

Getting rid of bad mimic habits . With the appearance of a double chin, thin loose skin and folds on the neck, it is recommended to eliminate the bad habit of pressing the chin to the chest. It is much more useful, and more beautiful, to keep your head slightly raised. During sleep, the face should rest on a pillow freely; one should not dig into it in any way. Of great importance is the condition of the teeth and timely prosthetics. The absence of teeth not only leads to abnormal digestion, but also inevitably changes the shape of the face: the cheeks sink, deep folds and grooves form.

The use of compresses (poultices) . For their preparation, they fold a small towel or napkin into a strip (20-25 cm), put it in hot water, squeeze it and put it on the face. The middle of the compress covers the chin from the bottom, and the ends are placed on the cheeks, forehead and nose (only the mouth and nostrils are free). The poultice should be kept on the face for 2-3 minutes, then remove and wipe or drench the face with cold water.

Wiping application . Wipe the face with cold saline (1/2 tsp. Of salt per 1 cup of water). For very dry skin, instead of salt, use a solution of tannin (1/2 tsp. Of tannin per 1 cup of water).

The use of ointments against the appearance of wrinkles . Before bedtime it is useful to lubricate the face with cream or ointment. To the ointment is added ordinary table salt – 1/2 tsp. finely pounded salt rubbed with 1 jar of cream. This cream is applied on the face, especially on wrinkles, and 2-3 minutes drive it with the ends of the fingers. In the morning, it is advisable to rinse your face with cool water, lubricate it with a cream and powder. You should not go out without smearing your face with cream.

Protection from direct sunlight . People with marked wrinkles should avoid direct sun rays; preferably air baths. Before sunbathing, be sure to lubricate the face with cream.

Self-massage against the appearance of wrinkles . When wrinkles appear, daily lightly tap the face with fingertips for 5 minutes. It improves blood circulation in the skin and strengthens it.

The use of masks . They prevent the formation of wrinkles and have an extremely beneficial effect on the skin.

Protein and lemon. Beat egg white in foam, add juice of 1/2 lemon and salt on the tip of a knife; stir the whole mixture well.
Yolk oil. Mix egg yolk with 1/2 tsp. camphor or castor oil.
Egg-tolokonnaya. To the beaten egg white or yolk add 1 tsp. honey and 1 tbsp. l oatmeal
Yolk honey Pound egg yolk with 1/2 tsp. honey and 1 tsp. glycerol.
Yeast. 20-25 g of yeast diluted with milk or vegetable oil to the thickness of sour cream.
Yeast sour. 25 g of yeast diluted with water until thick cream and let stand until fermentation.

These masks can be alternated with masks recommended for loose skin. Before applying the mask, the face must be washed or rubbed. The duration of the use of masks – 15-20 minutes. All masks, except yeast, can be left overnight. Masks containing oil are removed with a wet swab, the rest – washed with water.

Healthy lifestyle . Proper facial skin care and prevention is not enough for the successful elimination of wrinkles. Care must be taken to improve overall health; to establish a general strengthening regime, to follow a certain diet, to engage in physical culture and gymnastics of the whole body and face.

A healthy lifestyle, proper skin care, control of facial expressions and good mood will help to delay the appearance of wrinkles. People aged, balanced, benevolent retain smooth skin longer than gall, always dissatisfied people.

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