7 Exercises Required for Each Woman

1. Squeeze 30 times

Push-ups from the floor – a simple and effective way to get rid of fat surpluses in your arms, visually raise your chest. However, in order to achieve this effect, it is necessary to carry out the exercises regularly, setting a goal: to make at least 30 repetitions without interruption.

2. Hold the pose for at least 60 seconds

Plank is a universal exercise. It helps to work out all the muscle groups, starting from the muscles of the shoulders and hands and ending with the muscles-stabilizers. But the main load is still on the oblique muscles of the press and the lower back, which are responsible for a beautiful posture and a tight belly. Therefore, if you can hold out in the pose for at least a minute, then your press is in complete order.

3. Reach out to the toes while sitting on the floor

After completing this exercise, you can check how elastic your ligaments are and how well you stretch the inner surface of the legs and lower back. Unlike the bridge or twine, which, due to the physique, cannot be done by every woman, it is not that difficult. Ideally, it should be done effortlessly.

Exercises Required for Each Woman
Exercises Required for Each Woman

4. 60 sit-ups without stopping

Doing this exercise, you work out all the muscles of the lower part of the body, which allows you to correct the problem areas (buttocks, hips). Start doing squats in 3 sets in one session. In the first approach – as much as you can. In the second – reduce the load for 10 sit-ups. In the last approach, perform 15 squats less than in the second. Under this scheme, do it 3 times a week, increasing the number of initial squats by 5-10 every week, but decreasing the load with each approach.

5. Run 2 km in 10 minutes

Running is the best training for the cardiovascular system. The longer you can run, the better. For a fitness test at a time, only two kilometers is enough: it will help you assess both the speed and your stamina, and also how diligently you perform cardio exercises.

6. To hold on in a tree position 60 seconds

If you can easily stand, holding this asana, for a minute – then you are quite dexterous, you have strong leg muscles. Also, this asana will help you to keep a balance perfectly and stand on your feet confidently.

7. Hold your breath for 2 minutes

This simple test will help you check the condition of your lungs and evaluate how well they are developed. After all, it depends on their condition how long you can last on the treadmill.

7 Exercises Required for Each Woman
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