How to grow long hair: reveal secrets

From time immemorial, long, thick, well-groomed hair was the pride of some women and the envy of others. And representatives of the strong half, on a subconscious, genetic level, they were always perceived as a sign of a healthy and attractive woman. And how many amazingly beautiful hairstyles can be created on long hair! And although now you can find many “miraculous and instant” recipes, how quickly to grow hair, we note at once – only an integrated approach to this issue can give a result.

Health – first of all

Unfortunately, it is most difficult to become owners of braids to the waist fanatics of all kinds of diets. An unbalanced, poor diet leaves its imprint on the skin, nails, and, of course, the hair. Chronic lack of trace elements in the body of calcium, selenium, magnesium, iron and vitamins of groups A and B is very detrimental to their growth and condition. The hair becomes thinner, cuts, elasticity and shine leaves.

Therefore, you should pay close attention to what is included in your daily diet. The menu must certainly include eggs, fish, vegetables, meat, cereals, fruits, milk and nuts. Those who can not afford, for one reason or another, to eat fully (or simply do not have enough time) for the proceeds will come ready vitamin complexes.

Do not look for anything special, the standard version of drugs like Complivit or Alphabet is quite suitable.

How quickly and intensively growth occurs depends largely on your heredity, however, do not despair – following simple rules and recommendations you are quite able to cope with this.

How to grow long hair – step one

Pay special attention to the scalp. Her health in many ways will determine the condition of the hair itself. Do not think that dandruff is just a cosmetic drawback. In fact, everything is much more serious. Dandruff or, as doctors call it, seborrhea is a disease that must be treated. According to the type of manifestation, it can be of two types – dry and oily.

Dry appears on the head almost immediately after washing. It may occur if the scalp has been exposed to an aggressive chemical environment, for example, you overexposed the paint or the product was of poor quality.

Another reason is a decrease in the natural fat content of the skin. In this case, it is necessary to drink more liquid to provide your body with sufficient moisture, if a change in the diet does not help – without consulting a specialist can not do.

Fat dandruff is not so annoying with its appearance on the back and shoulders, it, for the most part, remains on the skin on the head. Soaked with sweat and grease, the dead scales become a shelter for fungi and microbes. Over time, inflammations and irritations can form, the hair follicles die, and the hair itself becomes thin, broken and falls out due to disturbed nutrition.

Therefore, if you notice the presence of dandruff, do not be lazy to go for advice to the trichologist, that’s the name of the doctor who specializes in hair problems. If there is no such doctor in your city, a dermatologist can help.

What’s in the bathroom – a step in the second

A big role in how to grow hair is played and the care products that you use. If possible, try to give preference to shampoos that do not contain surfactants. Such means are not the cheapest, but in the struggle for long and beautiful strands you will have to put up with it. Acquire them best in pharmacies and specialty stores.

Good results are provided by the use of professional hair care lines. Because of the high competition, companies specializing in the production of such cosmetics, invest considerable amounts in the development. They are thoroughly tested before release to the market – reputation for the brand is everything, but beware of fakes.

How to grow long hair
How to grow long hair

Try to find “your” shampoo and balm. To understand that they suit you quite simply: after using them, there should be no discomfort (itching, a feeling of tightness of the skin), and the hair looks clean, soft and shiny. Do not forget about balms and rinse.

Carefully read the recommendations for the use of cosmetics, remember – incorrectly selected shampoo or conditioner can exacerbate the already existing situation. From the modern assortment, it is not difficult to choose the product that is right for you and will help, how to grow hair, and support them in the best possible way.

How to grow hair in a week – little cunning

Apply shampoo should try on the scalp and it is better in a slightly diluted water form. Thoroughly massage it, so it is easier to wash off grease, dirt and the remnants of stowage. For the hair will be quite enough formed foam.

Rinse with plenty of water until the rinsing off of the shampoo. The balm should be applied after each washing along the entire length, not reaching the roots of 2-3 cm. Do not hold the conditioner on your hair for too long, follow the instructions.

Wipe hair should be extremely delicate, getting wet, strands become brittle, easily damaged. It is best to just wrap your head with a terry towel or a flannel diaper and walk for about ten minutes. If necessary, change the towel once or twice. All water will be absorbed, and you do not injure your curls.

Beauty does not need a victim

In solving the problem, how quickly to grow long hair plays a role and what kind of hairstyles you wear and how to style them. Try as little as possible to use a hairdryer, curling iron or ironing. In extreme cases, avoid high temperatures. Use fixing means with the effect of thermal protection.

In winter, protect the head with a hood – it is convenient to remove it, even entering a warm room for a short time, and in the summer – a fashionable hat. Direct sunlight is not the most useful for long curls, use special sunscreens.

It is desirable to temporarily abandon the coloring and waving, even in the most sparing versions. But the haircut will go for good. Regular cutting of the tips accelerates the growth of hair, prevents their delamination.

The national sign. Before going to the master, pay attention to the phase of the moon, the heavenly body should be growing. You can regard this as a sign of grandmother’s tales, but many people say it works.

A good result is the so-called hot scissors. At the same time, only a few millimeters are lost, and the tip is firmly sealed and does not separate.

Masks for rapid hair growth

Masks for hair perfectly nourish, moisturize hair and scalp, improve blood supply to hair follicles, activate blood flow. It is enough to use the mask once a week to notice how the growth of hair has accelerated. More often to apply masks for rapid hair growth is not desirable. Regularly receiving in excess nutrients from outside, the skin begins to reduce the intensity of self-feeding hair.

You can use it as ready-made masks from the store, or made by yourself with your own hands. It depends on your desire and availability of free time. The use of burdock oil has proven itself.

Burdock Hair Mask

It should be slightly heated and applied to the roots of hair and scalp, carefully massage for several minutes to evenly distribute and gently comb the hair along the entire length. After that, they should be stabbed (for convenience), you can strengthen the effect by wrapping the head with a film, and on top of it – a towel. Keep the oil on your hair for an hour, after which the hair is thoroughly washed.

Mask for hair with red pepper

Masks for rapid growth of hair from the butter of thistle with red pepper extract, give a more pronounced effect. A slight burning sensation strengthens the flow of blood to the hair follicles, the root receives the necessary nutrition, which means that the hair grows stronger, the “sleeping” follicles wake up.

So are the means for rapid hair growth based on other oils (cedar, olive), onion, aloe, honey, kefir, black bread, tincture of burdock roots. To get the desired result, the mask should be done regularly, in courses of two to three months, the types of masks can be alternated.

Periodic, the change of all hair care products is extremely welcome, this avoids getting used to the combination of components, which can weaken their effect.

A wonderful result in how quickly to grow hair, gives a massage. A lot of time it does not take – just a few minutes before going to bed, regularity is much more important. With your fingertips in a circular motion, go all over your scalp. Start with weak pressure, then gradually add strength. Repeat the circle already with reciprocating movements.

Replace hair brushes with plastic and metal combs on wooden, bone combs or combs of natural bristles. You can take on the secret of geisha, they comb their hair daily at least a hundred times than not massage?

As you can see, every woman can grow long hair. There is nothing complicated in this, with the right and methodical care of your hair, you will soon become the owner of a lush and beautiful hairstyle.

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