How to Improve Vision of your Eyes?

Proper nutrition and eating foods containing the necessary amount of nutrients that are important for vision is one of the simplest and certainly the most pleasant way to combat vision impairment.

To strengthen the vision should be small doses, not more than 40 ml, daily use of parsley juice. It can be mixed with water or with other vegetable juices, for example with cucumber.

Champion in the content of substances that favorably affect eyesight is called spinach, but blueberry belongs to the palm of primacy among many berries and fruits in terms of the content of manganese salts and their derivatives.

Improve Vision of your Eyes
Improve Vision of your Eyes

How to Eat to Keep Sight

  • Beta-carotene, vitamin C, vitamin E, zinc, Omega-3 fatty acids: oranges, kiwi, carrots, dried apricots, white cabbage, green leafy vegetables: brussels sprouts, spinach, bell peppers, nuts, beans, dairy products and eggs ;
  • Vitamin A: liver, egg yolks, fish oil, butter, cheddar cheese, carrots and carrot juice, sweet pepper, green onions, parsley, spinach, sorrel, lettuce;
  • B vitamins: fish, turkey meat, milk, cheese, cottage cheese, rye bread, wheat sprouts, vegetables, legumes, soybeans, potatoes, nuts;
  • Vitamin C: rose hips and mountain ash, citrus fruits, sea buckthorn, red pepper, white cabbage, tomatoes;
  • Potassium: apricots, raisins, dried apricots, melon, celery, honey, apple cider vinegar;
  • Phosphorus: fish and seafood;
  • Iron: apples of acidic varieties, for example, Antonovka.

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