How to sleep for 5 hours: the technique of fast sleep. Factors and principles of sleep

According to scientists, the body of an ordinary person is quite enough five hours a day to get a full-fledged sleep, which will both revitalize, refresh and give new strength. But in order to get enough sleep in 5 hours, you need to follow a number of principles and rules of sleep.

The technique of fast sleep

In our hectic age of accelerated speeds and increased life rhythm specialists have developed a special technique so that a person can get out of trouble without trouble in 5 hours and feel the full day of strength and vigor. To do this, follow the following quick sleep technique:

  • Relax before you go to sleep (you do not need to go to sleep with all your experiences and problems – for this purpose, allocate 10-15 minutes for thinking about something beautiful or listening to soothing music).
  • Do not load the stomach before going to bed and not overeat for the night (otherwise the body will spend all its energy not on its own recovery, but on digesting food).
  • Use for sleeping special accessories – a relaxing pillow with aromatic herbs (especially for this purpose cones of hops), eye patches and earplugs, if any are needed.
  • Take a warm shower before bedtime (this is not only a means of hygiene, but also an excellent “flushing out” of the information, impressions and emotions accumulated during the day – the water “takes” them with them, relaxing the body best).
  • Sleep under a warm blanket (in a cold person gets enough sleep worse than warm).
  • Develop a persistent habit of the body for a 5-hour sleep (usually adapting to a similar rhythm occurs on average for 1 month).
  • Allocate for yourself one day a week (preferably not weekday), when you can safely sleep “for good”, that is a little longer than usual (hours 8).
  • Go to bed before 24:00 – during this period the human body is quicker and better to sleep (two hours of sleep after midnight are equal to one before midnight – this was accentuated by Paul Bragg).
  • All of the above rules take into account, first of all, three basic components of a quality and healthy sleep: the organization of a bed, the sleeping conditions and the mood for it.

How to sleep for 5 hours: sleep factors

To get enough sleep in 5 hours, it’s not enough to follow the procedure – you still need to consider several factors that are very important for getting a healthy sleep in a fairly short period.

How to sleep for 5 hours
How to sleep for 5 hours

Fresh air

This is one of the first factors contributing to a healthy and fast sleep. Before you go to bed, it’s worth taking a stroll in the fresh air – it will not only give a change of mood, but also contribute to better ventilation of the lungs, oxygenation of the blood, normalization of breathing, rhythmic work of the heart. And it will be quite a leisurely walk for 15 minutes. Also, before going to bed, it is essential to ventilate the room so that the air in it is not stale and stuffy, but rather cool and fresh.

Healthy Eating

If a person is not able to constantly adhere to a healthy diet , he should limit himself to fatty food at least in the evening hours, before bed. In addition, you must give up alcoholic beverages, preferring juices , nectars, morses, herbal teas or milk (most preferably warm). Overloaded gastrointestinal tract at night will not work for you, but solely for yourself, without giving a normal sleep and getting the proper portion of energy for the next day.

Physical exercises

It is common knowledge that physical exercises support the body in an ideal form. However, in addition to this, regular activities also contribute to a decrease in the content of stress hormones. Today, experts have proved the benefit of charging not only in the morning, as an energizing element, but also in the evening, three to four hours before sleep – as a factor preventing drowsiness, a way to increase body temperature, improve blood circulation and relieve muscular tension.

Comfortable bed

A man is extremely uncomfortable to feel in the so-called. “Female” bed, that is, a fitted wife / girlfriend exclusively for themselves. Men’s bed differs from women’s in that the load on the mattress they have to different areas: in men – on the shoulder and collarbone area, in women – on the pelvic area. Therefore, to achieve the optimal 5-hour sleep, it is extremely important that all the vessels, tissues and muscles are not subjected to pressure, having received the maximum possible relaxation. In order not to cause any inconvenience, experts recommend using orthopedic mattresses that take into account the shape and features of each body – be it a man or a woman, even if they are sleeping in the same bed. But to sleep normally for 5 hours, still advised to sleep separately.

Principles of a full 5-hour sleep

The basic principles of full sleep for 5 hours are not only in convenience and comfort for the sleeper, but also in developing a special state of the body before going to bed.

Try not to look at the night of extremely emotional films and programs – or, in general, abandon them. Horror, detective, erotic / porn does not relieve stress, but on the contrary strengthen it, not allowing you to sleep well in 5 hours. The best activity before going to bed is swimming or cycling, which eliminates muscle stiffness. In addition, pleasant fatigue will help to quickly fall asleep. It is especially beneficial to do this after supper, with a “standing” or “sitting” working day.

Before going to bed, it is preferable to give up not only alcoholic beverages, but also tobacco products, strong coffee, black tea, which also excite the nervous system a lot and do not allow the body to normally adjust to sleep.

Another opponent of healthy and sound sleep is bright light and strong noise. Replace them in the evening with muted lighting and soothing music. This will give the right mood for sleep, relaxation and soothing.

And, besides, as one of the famous physicians said about a hundred years ago, the bedroom should be dark and cool, the air should be fresh, and the bed – moderately soft. These are the principles that are in effect to this day, extending to a full 5-hour sleep.

How to sleep for 5 hours: the technique of fast sleep. Factors and principles of sleep
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