How to remove stains from ingrown hair?

Ingrown hair after epilation, unfortunately, is not uncommon, and if you do not take the time to get rid of the ingrown hair, a dark spot may appear at the place of its appearance – a kind of scar that sometimes gets rid of it so easily.

The simplest way to remove the scar left on the site of ingrown hair is regular exfoliation of the skin with the scrub or home pilling. This will help remove the top layer of cells that have dark pigmentation and allow the skin to update more quickly. Vitamin E and castor oil from dark spots. Vitamin E helps not only to renew and restore skin cells but also has a bleaching effect. Every time after taking a shower and using a scrub, you just need to lubricate the place of the scar with a small amount of an oil solution of vitamin E and then the restoration of the skin will go faster. Skin oil also has a similar effect on the skin, which effectively softens the coarsened skin areas, helps remove dead skin cells and gradually brightens the spots.

Mask with aspirin: – 3-4 tablets of aspirin, – a teaspoon of honey, – ½ teaspoon of water. This mask recipe can be used both to help ingrown hairs to overcome the skin barrier, and to remove dark spots after ingrown hairs. Included in the mask aspirin, i.e. acetylsalicylic acid promotes effective exfoliation of the skin and restoration of its original appearance.

remove stains from ingrown hair
remove stains from ingrown hair

Scars of any origin are not painted by a woman and therefore it is necessary to do everything possible to prevent their appearance, but if they did arise, to take the whole complex of measures that, if not to get rid of them completely, at least make them less noticeable.


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