10 Tips for Saving Health by Working at Home

The last 10-15 years are increasingly talking about the health problems of the vast majority of our population. “Diseases are younger,” doctors say. Now you can meet a 6-year-old girl with scoliosis or a 21-year-old guy with a heart attack and few people will be surprised.

I have long been interested in maintaining health (age is already obliging), so I would like to share with you some tips on how to stay healthy to a person who leads a sedentary lifestyle. In particular, the freelancer. So, go ahead, for health.

1. Charge every morning

In the morning, it’s not enough just to crunch your neck and sit down at the computer. Problems with the back (for example, pinch, curvature, deposition of salts) will not only affect well-being. Sooner or later, such problems will make themselves known in other parts of the body. It can be almost anybody.

In order to give thoughts and muscles of alertness after sleep, do exercises, preferably with music. There are a lot of programs for workouts, you can search for them yourself to your liking. And from myself, I can clarify: it is advisable to start charging from above (neck, shoulders, hands) and descends gradually to the feet.

Nikolay Drozdov pays for 2 hours every morning. We will have enough for 7 to 20 minutes.

2. Take breaks in your work

Doctors advise every hour and a half to get up from the computer and pause for 10-15 minutes. This, first, will help stretch the joints, and secondly, relax the tension of the eye muscles.

I think it’s not a secret when working at a computer, the eyes get tired much more than when reading a book or other activities. Therefore, during breaks between work, it is better to do not smoking with coffee, but to do “gymnastics for the eyes”.

To do this, I can offer you the program “Eye Love You”, which each time shows what exercises to do. The main thing, turn it off during games, and it was strange when, while talking to a stalker, he began to wink at me and smile.

3. Go in for sports

I will reveal a secret: sports are good for health, the main thing is to avoid fanaticism. The second secret: you can hardly be engaged in any sport for a long time if you do not like it. So choose a lesson for your liking.

For example, swimming or dancing is one of the most popular sports. In addition, they perfectly help to solve problems with the back. During swimming, for example, virtually all muscles are naturally involved, which very well affects the overall well-being and helps maintain shape.

4. Run and walk as often as possible

A daily walk in the fresh air is very useful. It calms and distracts from work. Try to give 20 minutes a day as much as possible to simple walking. Residents of big cities are more difficult with this: walking in the streets with crowds of people and breathing in exhausts of cars is unlikely to have a good impact on health, so it is better to find the nearest park or square and walk there.

Also, do not forget about the proven method – jogging. Contrary to popular belief, you can run not only in the morning but also in the daytime and even in the evening. The only benefit from the morning training is that fat is burnt faster in these hours. And if you lose weight – not the main goal, then perfect day or evening, when you do not need to wake up and force yourself to run.


5. Eat separately and on time

In Hungary, it is customary to eat a little at breakfast, a little more for lunch and eat heavily in the evening. Nutritionists do not believe in Hungarian spirits, so advice to do everything exactly the opposite: a rich breakfast will give strength for the whole day, and a light dinner will not interfere with normal sleep.

Try to eat separately. I will not go into details, but for one meal it is better to eat the combined products and not to mix those that are digested only separately, because it will be an extra burden on the body. A lot of fatty, salty or sharp, it is also desirable not to use.

It is important to eat only when you want. And working at home, we can afford it. Also do not rush while eating, because of the table you need to get up a little hungry. The signal from the stomach about satiety reaches the brain in only 15 minutes, and during this time you can eat the whole pan and ask for supplements. Remember that it is harmful to overeat.

Do not eat much at night. Many nutritionists are advised not to eat after 18:00, and their thicker colleagues say that it is better not to eat 2 hours before bedtime. To whom to believe, decide for yourself, from myself I will add that if you really want to eat in the evening, drink tea with honey or eat an apple. This for food does not count.

6. Sleep at the same time

Preferably at night. As one sage said:

To sleep, lie not on this day, but in the previous one.

Try to finish all the business until midnight and the next morning to wake up at 8-9 o’clock full strength, and not at 11-12 completely broken and another hour or two to regain consciousness.

7. Buy a good monitor

How, do you still have a 17-inch screen 10 years ago? Then we go to you. Spend on a good monitor now, so as not to spend more in the future on eye treatment. I understood this after spending a year at Belinea. You will not wish the enemy.

The monitor should be convenient, sufficiently contrast, safe and certainly not cheap. I bought myself an Apple 23, but today he has quite a lot of good alternatives, both more expensive and cheaper. So do not regret money and buy a normal monitor at last.

8. Drink at least 2 liters of water a day

Are you surprised? An adult should drink up to 2.5 liters of water a day. And it is water and not the drink that pours from the tap in most large cities of Russia or Ukraine.

Grades of water purity, starting with the worst:

  • water from the tap;
  • water, filtered by a household filter;
  • purified water (usually sold in sparlacks or bottles in stores);
  • artesian waters of its region (from the well);
  • spring or artesian mineral water from the clean regions of the country.

The best and most expensive option is the latter. I have since the beginning of this year ordered only spring water from a clean area and began to feel much better. The only thing you need to remember – in the mineral water there are trace elements (hydrocarbonates, chlorides, sulfates, etc.) and some people they can be contraindicated. Therefore, always read what is written on the package.

9. Protect yourself from unnecessary radiation

Mobile phones and wifi are radiation sources. We quote the World Health Organization:

Electromagnetic tension affects only electronic devices. No impact on human health has been identified.

Given that in the 40-50s of the last century toy sets with pieces of radioactive metal and a dosimeter were sold, and at the beginning of the century – “therapeutic” radioactive water, it is hardly worth mentioning that the concepts “no harm is proven” and “proven harmlessness “- are not always completely identical.

Therefore, I would recommend as much as possible to reduce the use of household items that emit radiation.

10. Try to avoid stress

The banal “all diseases from nerves” in our time is taking on more and more serious proportions. When the rhythm of life is high, it’s hard not to be nervous. Therefore, I try to limit the negative impact of the public on me and my negative impact on the public.

How? It’s very simple, the first step is not to watch the news. The most important news to you and so will inform, and unimportant – why do you need them? The same applies to the criminal chronicle, no use from it, just tickle the nerves of the public. Try at least a couple of weeks not to read and watch the news, and you will feel that everything is fine, although in reality globally nothing will change. Try to limit the negative in your life.

See good movies, read more, lead a healthy lifestyle and get good emotions. In our time it is very important.

10 Tips for Saving Health by Working at Home
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