Teeth whitening with activated charcoal

To prepare a whitening compound for teeth, you will need about two tablets of activated charcoal. Put them in a glass container, drip a couple of droplets of ordinary warm water, mash to get a homogeneous gruel. Dissolved activated carbon tablets almost instantly, the main thing in this matter is not to pour water, because you need to get a gruel, not a solution.

Begin cleaning the tooth enamel in the traditional way, how to brush your teeth, then rinse your mouth, repeat the procedure for cleaning your teeth twice, carefully rinsing the remains of activated carbon from the interdental space. Whitening gruel has no repulsive taste, so the procedure ccannotbe called unpleasant.

Removal of the plaque will be noticeable after the third procedure of teeth whitening with activated charcoal, you will feel the creak of clean, without the usual plaque, teeth. Be sure to make it homogeneous when preparing an activated charcoal gum, do not allow lumps that can cause significant damage to tooth enamel. It is recommended to conduct the bleaching procedure not more often than once in 10 days. Gradually you will notice that a characteristic plaque will leave your teeth forever.

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