What the Color of your Eyes says?

As you know, a person’s eyes are a mirror of his soul. In the eyes reflects the nature of the character, past experience and even the intellectual abilities of man. In the eyes it is always possible to determine internal experiences, shades of emotional states and mood, to judge the feelings of a person and spiritual qualities. Let’s talk about how this or that eye color affects our character. With the help of this knowledge, you can not only better understand yourself but also better understand others. Green-eyed people are distinguished by assertiveness, stamina, stubbornness, stability, firmness, and purposefulness. Are inclined to hard work, if they plan a goal – go to her, despite everything, persistently overcoming all obstacles on the way. Thealongare similar in character to cats. Outwardly – unassailable and independent, but only as long as there is no trust.

But people with brown or black eyes –

active, passionate, impulsive, energetic. Gambling, enterprising, initiative – they can not sit still. They always need to reach some tops. They are powerful, by nature – leaders. They have a hot temperament, are sexy and sensitive. Radiate charm and warmth. People are selective towards people – they are loved – they are lucky, they hate someone – they do not envy you. The darker the color of the eyes – the more pronounced all these qualities.

Color of Eyes
Color of Eyes

Quite different in character than the owners of dark brown eyes, people with light brown eyes. The lighter the iris – the more indecisiveness, isolation and shyness in man. Often such people indulge in dreams and dreams, preferring their active action. Are inclined to laziness, passivity. They are vulnerable and sensitive, sensitive and sensitive. Despite the external shyness, softness and suppleness, in the shower he is rather stubborn and eager. People with blue eyes are romantics and dreamers. Often think up a feeling, fantasize. Women prefer beautiful gallant courtship from men. Sensitive and sensitive. They are easy to hurt, and they remember the insults for a long time. All take to heart. They can very much experience, fall into depression. Exposed to frequent changes of mood, whims. However, with all his sentimentality, a great depth of feelings they may not be. The blue color refers to cool colors, and, the more the ice shade, the less heat in the soul of such a person.

Blue Color Eyes

Blue-eyed – attractive, emotional, sensitive, sentimental and romantic. Are capable of a great passion, they can fall in love. But the requirements for the partner are great. Blue color is a combination of cold and saturated colors, so the emotionality of blue eyes is reflected not only in ardent love, but also in a frantic antipathy – if someone does not like them, they are capable of a long and persistent war with it. People with gray eyes are naturally hard workers. They are intelligent, sensible, thoughtful, inquisitive. Practical, realistic, thorough, reliable, conscientious, patient, persistent, resolute and firmly on their feet. Among them are many thinkers, intellectuals. They are unpretentious in everyday life, calm and not ambitious in communication. Dark-gray eyes give out a very determined, strong man, bold and stubborn. Such people – strong-willed, powerful, jealous and proprietors by nature. But they are very loyal to their beloved, and they are unlikely to go “to the left.”

But the owners of the eyes of two ice shades simultaneously such as gray and blue – and in character combine the qualities of blue-eyed and gray-eyed people. Such a person is ambitious, resolute, fair, purposeful, resolute and firm. At the same time, he rarely leaves himself, is calm, honest. Among the gray-blue-eyed, you can often meet really wise people – after all, their minds are combined with intuition, flexibility of thinking and ingenuity. In love they can be faithful, although the sentimentality of the big do not differ. Much depends on which of the two shades prevails – blue, or gray. Such people lack emotionality and emotional warmth. Very rare, but still there are yellow eyes. Warm pigment of the eyes makes them artistic, attractive and radiating warmth and generosity. They are dodgy, flexible, resourceful. However, they are insidious and unpredictable. Therefore, it is not sweet who will lead them out of themselves. In general, the color of human eyes is of great importance, because it can either attract or frighten others.


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