Why is laughter useful?

1. Laughter relaxes

It helps to quickly relieve tension and relax. After hard events, laughter in a pair allows you to relieve stress for a difficult situation, so for such couples family life lasts longer.

2. Laughter is good for overall health.

It reduces the level of cortisol – a stress hormone, improves immunity. Laughter also has a positive effect on insulin sensitivity.

3. Laughter helps to learn

It is laughter and a sufficient level of dopamine (a substance responsible for the feeling of pleasure and blocking pain) that stimulates children to learn. The study showed that children who do not respond to jokes learn less well.


4. Laughter prolongs life, both healthy and sick.

Scientists confirm that mortality among people who had a sense of humor was 31% lower than those who did not have a sense of humor. Even the habit of laughing at yourself is associated with a continuation of life, better well-being.

5. Laughter unites people

This is a great defusing situation and a social emotion that unites people, regardless of whether the joke was funny. Laughter is a real indicator of proximity.

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