How to cope with monotony in life?

I’ve been thinking about the routine of our life here. I think every person at least once in his life felt such a feeling, as if life is frozen and does not change, there is no development, everything is boring and you do not want anything. The life of many people is like a vicious circle. Judge for yourself, we are from day to day, from year to year we perform the same, familiar for us actions. We spin around in a circle like a squirrel in a wheel and can not change anything. Work, home, family, work, home … – stop at infinity of this wheel.

Gradually, the mire of the domestic marsh, from which it is simply impossible to get out for a number of reasons, drags us deeper and deeper. Life becomes a routine and ceases to please. Dissatisfaction with yourself and the surrounding world, constant grumbling, a negative attitude towards life, a sense of doom – and as a result – a prolonged depression and complete disappointment in yourself. But you can not live in a permanent negative! We need to somehow get out of this quagmire and change the polarity of the life position from minus to plus.

To live by habit means to know everything in advance. And this, you must agree, is terribly boring. When the intrigue is lost, when every day is painted by the minute and nothing unforeseen happens – it becomes simply uninteresting to live. But after all, it would seem that the difficult thing is to do something wrong at least once, as usual? “Yes, nothing complicated, but we just are not used to doing it,” – most people will answer. Try to live differently only one day.

Conduct a different day, not relying on the usual patterns of behavior is quite difficult. Once, bringing to automaticity their actions, the body at all refuses to change something in their work, both physical and mental. It is much more convenient and cheaper (in terms of energy costs) to do everything as usual. That’s why here you need a remarkable willpower. Tearing patterns of one’s own behavior and thinking is incredibly difficult.

Well, how do you start destroying routine in your life? Where to begin? Without further ado, start right from tomorrow morning.

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Get up on the wrong foot. Very often this phrase refers to people who behave in a strange way, not as usual. But that’s what we’re after. We want to change something in our life, we want the closest circle of people (colleagues, family) to look at us from the other side, change the view angle, see something new in us. Directly in the morning, try to do something wrong, as always. It’s enough just to change the morning routine, to have some unusual breakfast, instead of watching the morning news turn on the music and listen to your favorite band. After all, it is such a trifle in the scale of a whole day, and it is from such trifles that the whole life is built.

Look around you. How quickly life goes by. Do not have time to look back and already old age on the threshold: “hello – pass.” And now we are sitting near a bored TV and grumbling at the government, the president, complaining about a small pension. We remember the life that passed by us and understands that even grandchildren have nothing to tell. And it will be so if you do not begin to live on a “full”. And start living right now. Look around, how many interesting things happen very near, and we are so busy with ourselves and our daily affairs that we do not notice anything around us. And do not want to notice. It is urgent to correct this situation. The real options for correcting the situation can be, for example, some new hobby that you have not heard about before, new acquaintances, meetings, going to the movies and theater, in which many have never been. Sometimes, by removing the focus from yourself and looking around, you can completely change or improve your personal life. Problems with a loved one – do something unusual, something that you do not expect and everything will necessarily change for the better.

Naturally, everything will not change radically, because each of us has our own obligations, work. That, from what to get rid of is not possible. However, using the above tips, the keyword in which is the word “strangeness”, you can get rid of the routine in life or, at least, a little to stir up the annoying routine. A man builds his life and if something does not suit you, just change it. Change as you can and develop yourself. The result, whatever it is, will not keep you waiting.


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