How to create a Happy Family?

Considering everything said in the article ” Creating a happy family: psycho-physiological influence of a man and a woman against each other “, it becomes clear what is more important for creating a happy family – is to find out how he (a):

behaves towards the surrounding people; performs his duties in the family.

and not how he (a) now, at the moment of acquaintance, presents himself.

How to do it?

For example, if he (she) has a brother and / or sister, then what kind of relationship do they have with each other and why did they have such relationships. After all, unlike the person you liked, you do not need anything from a brother or sister, and even on the contrary – you need to take care of yourself and do something completely unselfishly for them. Therefore, he (a) will behave with them as he will with you in a few years, when the sexual fervor and romantic note in your relationship will fade away.

Thin psychophysiology

No less important is the understanding of the subtle psychophysiology of men and women. To create a happy family, it is important to remember that when a guy chooses a girlfriend – he chooses his feelings, and when a girl chooses a guy – she chooses her goals and aspirations in life, then where she will go.

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Also, to create a happy family, it is important to understand the aspirations of your loved one, ie. what he (a) understands by the word happiness. After all, happiness is something to which everyone aspires, no matter what. Happiness is the meaning of life, and therefore the whole life! And if you live together, then it will be your life. Different people have different understandings of happiness, and therefore for the creation of a happy family it is important that the understanding of happiness for both is the same. And it will turn out like in that fable “Swan, cancer and pike” … Each of them wanted the same thing – to move the cart, i.e. to become happy, but the ways and methods of this were different.


But the most important thing in creating a happy family and the biggest secret in choosing a close friend is the motive. That is how the other person sees and perceives you in his mind. Proceeding from this and knowing the instructions of the oldest scriptures on Earth – the Vedas – one can immediately easily determine the type, quality and depth of future relationships, i.e. what will come of it all.

Thus, as for the motivation for creating a happy family , in this case the “motive” is one of the types of love according to the bioenergetics of the human body. Simply put, a person has 7th basic energy centers, and in this case it means in which psycho-energy center he / she has a love for you. After all, in accordance with this, a certain type of harmony is created between the spouses, which during the whole of this life will be very difficult to change. Exceptions in this case are spiritually developing individuals, working on their own character traits and bioenergetics. But even it will be difficult for them to do and at best it will take several years.


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