How to get rid of parental negative programming

You were offered an excellent job, but you do not hurry to give consent. The domineering voice of his father warns: “Well, where are you going? You can not do it! You learned to tie your shoelaces for a year! “. And it does not matter that you are far beyond thirty, and the father has long lived a thousand kilometers from you. The installation “does not work” works!

We carry a lot of different programs on life, invested in our brain from early childhood: the vase broke – you are ALWAYS awkward! , refusal of the post – you will NEVER cope, loneliness – you are always looking bad, poverty – you will NEVER be able to earn, cold – you are ALWAYS sick, refusal – you ALWAYS do everything wrong! A lot of different installations from parents can ruin the lives of adult boys and girls.

How to rewrite negative programs?

To get rid of the parental settings, we use the counter-prescriptions and destroy the IMAGE of the installation (Warning! Not related to the image of the parents!).

1. Choose one of the settings from the parents that are the most exciting for you.

2. Listen to yourself. In which part of the body do you experience discomfort? How does this installation look in your body, what image does it take? What emotions, feelings causes? Not to be confused with desires!

For example: Installation – you – “armless”; Sensations in the body: heavy hands, edema, tingling; The image: prickly, heavy, metal mittens; Emotions and feelings: pain, depression, sadness, stiffness.

3. Test your image for truth. Strengthen it.

For example: Mittens have become leaden and huge, have grown together with hands. There is a feeling of greater depression and despair, I want to cry.

Conclusion: the image was selected correctly. If there is no connection between the image and the emotion, then you give out wishful thinking. Look for your image personally, to which you will emotionally react!

ATTENTION! To continue working with the image, return it to its original state.

4. Mentally extract your image from the body and put it in front of you.

5. Hardly, honestly, confidently say your counter-instruction (counter-command).

For example: I am clever (ah)! I have an excellent grasp! My hands obey me!

[caption id="attachment_881" align="aligncenter" width="274"]get rid of parental negative programming get rid of parental negative programming[/caption]

6. Hardly, clearly, confidently, calmly inform the image of your new decision. At this stage, the image either becomes positive, or decreases and crumbles.

For example: Heavy, metallic gloves begin to melt, spread over the tray, boil and disappear.

7. What has changed with the new settings? How are you feeling?

For example: There was a feeling of ease, confidence, the tingling in the hands disappeared, there was mobility in the joints.

8. If your image has not disappeared, but transformed into another … positive, then let it approach you and take a place where there were negative prescriptions.

9. Think about how you will act now? Imagine how your life will change? How much will it be for your benefit?

10. Put your hand on your chest. Thank yourself for the work done and fix the result to exclude the possibility of returning to the previous installation.

How is it possible to consolidate the result?

If you are satisfied with the work done and are sure that this is for your benefit, you can safely negotiate with yourself for any period of time from 1 day to 100 years. If you do not yet know how you will feel with the new settings, then think about a shorter time interval from 1 day, and then – as your intuition tells you.

This technique will get rid of the most persistent and most “uncomfortable” installations, such as parental instructions. Having mastered the simple rules of working with the image, you can feel yourself really an adult and a free person, you can live a more interesting, rich and delicious life.


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