How to save yourself from a sense of anxiety?

Just think about why you are worried. Most often this happens because of fear and confusion. Do not let them take your thoughts. Instead, manage your own fear. So, next time, when you are worried for no reason, write on the piece of paper the cause of your condition. Then you need to weigh all the facts and write your solutions. One of the solutions must be accepted and simply acted. Another method for managing fear

Is the play of the worst scenario. Think about what will happen in the worst case, if all your worries and fears become real? Then imagine that all this has already happened, and you need to act. Think about all your actions to get out of the situation, so that the worst version of the expiration of events was not so bad. Thus, you will realize that even your anxiety has a limit, and you can overcome your helplessness.

[caption id="attachment_558" align="aligncenter" width="300"]save yourself from a sense of anxiety save yourself from a sense of anxiety[/caption]

To get rid of an inexplicable sense of anxiety, you must always follow all irrational thoughts and not let them take possession of you. Whenever something irrational comes to mind again, because of what you will be worried, think about something else. For example, remember something nice, how well you spent your last vacation, or just make plans for this weekend.


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