How to search your Lost or Forgotten PAN number online?

lost or forgotten PAN numberThere are many instances when you lost your PAN card and forget PAN number too. There is no logic in applying for new PAN number and it’s is illegal also. The solution is to apply new PAN card with your existing number.

This article will explain how to search your Lost or Forgotten PAN number online.


Step 1 to search your Lost or Forgotten PAN number online


Goto official website of Department of Income tax at

You’ll get screen like this:

know your PAN number online


Step 2 to search your Lost or Forgotten PAN number online


Enter the required information like your name, Date of birth etc. and click on submit.

In the next screen, it may ask for your father’s name and some other information. Just enter them and submit the form.

You’ll get details such as PAN, name of PAN card holder, jurisdiction and status.

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