18 myths about happiness

Here are the 18 most common myths, illusions and misconceptions about our happiness, written on the basis of one of the chapters of Andrei Zhalevich’s book The New Philosophy of Prosperity. Fundamental principles of success, harmony and happiness. “

Here are these myths:

THE 1ST MYTH OF HAPPINESS: Happiness depends on something external

Reality: even during the Second World War, the world-famous psychologist Viktor Frankl, being a prisoner in a German concentration camp, proved that our internal psychological and spiritual attitudes depend only on ourselves. With his personal example, he proved that a happy person can be even where it was considered simply impossible.

2nd MYTH OF HAPPINESS: Happiness is acquired

Reality: happiness is our inner state, this state can not be acquired, it can only be acquired. As it is sung in a beautiful song: “For happiness you need very little – for happiness you only need to believe in God …”. In order to be happy, you do not need anything outside. To do this, you just need to firmly within yourself decide to become and be happy within yourself, in your heart and your Soul.

3rd MYTH OF HAPPINESS: More consumption – more happiness

Reality: world statistics showed just the opposite. In countries with the highest level of consumption in the world, more unfortunate people live, most of all mental disorders, perversions and suicides. According to international statistics, most people consider themselves happy in such very poor countries as India and Nepal. Conclusion: “Happiness is not out, but inside us!”

4th MYTH OF HAPPINESS: Happiness fleeting

Reality: fleeting only is the happiness that we make due to something external, depending on some external conditions or circumstances. Present, true happiness, found in our Soul, in the depths of our hearts is eternal and enduring. It is not conditioned by anything and does not depend on anything. All the rest, on the contrary, depends on this state.

5th MYTH OF HAPPINESS: From life you need to take everything

Reality: not everything, but only the best! Life gives you everything you need for a happy journey along our life path. We already have everything we need. As necessary, will come and what may in life and on the way will be needed. Of course, it will not come by itself, you need to make some efforts, but it will come … And “Take everything from life”! Is an erroneous and rather dangerous theory based on a cult of consumption.

6TH MYTH OF HAPPINESS: Enjoy life when we do this and that, when we reach that and that and that

Reality: you need to enjoy the current moment, you need to be happy right now, and not wait until we achieve something, achieve something. Achieving something and achieving something, in general doing something, being unhappy, performing this or that work without joy, enthusiasm, love, without happiness, we deprive ourselves of our energy, we de-energize our soul and, as it were, not was sad, we can not wait, the “happy” in our opinion the moment when it will be possible to become happy.

7TH MYTH OF HAPPINESS: To succeed and become happy, you must hurry

Reality: happiness is enough for everyone! Never, nowhere, in any hurry is not only not necessary, but also harmful. Haste, haste, vanity generates in us aggression to the energy of time, violates its natural course and thereby deprives us of time. Notice that without hurry, without haste, without fuss we always manage to do more and better than hurrying and hurrying. Be happy slowly!

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8TH MYTH OF HAPPINESS: Problems and crises are bad

Reality: problems and difficulties are what help us to forge our character, temper our happiness, purify it of conditioning, make it true, truly independent of anything external. Problems and difficulties help us, first, to see contrasts in order to understand our happiness even more. And, secondly, they help us to learn how to be happy even in difficult periods, even in the most difficult life situations. Problems sooner or later will pass, and our “tempered” happiness will remain! Therefore, in fact, the worse the conditions and the more difficult the circumstances for our person, the better for us as a result, for our Soul. Be happy!

9TH MYTH OF HAPPINESS: Someone is to blame for being unhappy

Reality: in that someone is unhappy no one is to blame. The acquisition of happiness depends only on ourselves, not on our loved ones, on our friends and colleagues, on our bosses, on the leadership of the city, on the government of our country, on weather and climate, on any, even the most terrible or most beautiful external conditions, but only from ourselves. Be happy!

10TH MYTH OF HAPPINESS: It is necessary to forget your negative experience

Reality: our negative experience, mistakes made by us, in the troubles we have been in – this is our most valuable experience, which can only be imagined. One should never forget about it, but, on the contrary, it must always be remembered. But we need to change our attitude to how we consider “bad” and “not good” in our past. We can not change our past, but in our power to rethink it, change its attitude towards it. And since the past and the future are closely interrelated, how well, with joy and love, we will treat our past, to all events of our past, so good and bright we will have the future.

11th MYTH OF HAPPINESS: Happiness is a consequence of something good

Reality: happiness is not a consequence, but the cause is not something, but much good in our life. The energy of happiness and joy, manifested in us within, outward from us, contributes to the formation of external signs and attributes of happiness and prosperity in the external world around us.

12TH MYTH OF HAPPINESS: Success is uniquely fun

Reality: oh, not a fact! Not every success and not always this is cool. Any success influences us very much. And the impact of this influence can be both very positive and extremely negative. Recently, in psychology, such a concept as “the degree of defeat by success” began to be used. Psychologists began to say: how much harm to a person’s success? Success is also a difficult test of a person for strength: can he remain a man, will he retain his human face and humanity? In addition to the person who achieved success, people around him change their attitude – and here, too, everything is not as smooth as it seems at first glance.

13TH MYTH OF HAPPINESS: The fulfillment of desires always leads to happiness

Reality: not always and not all desires! Luckily it leads the fulfillment of reasonable desires, proceeding from the real needs and true needs of our body, mind and soul. The fulfillment of irrational or too egoistic, especially lower and animal desires, on the contrary, leads to misery, grief and suffering. In addition, there is such a regularity: in place of one fulfilled desire there are two new and so infinite. Desires should always be managed.

14TH MYTH OF HAPPINESS: Always need to be afraid of something

Reality: there is nothing that really a person should be afraid of. Fears deprive us of happiness, joy, deprive us of energy, deaden us. To be happy, we need to be freed from the fears that chill our souls. We need to see the absurdity of the idea itself of being afraid of something. Remember how ridiculous those situations look, those things, all that we once feared. Believe that it will be exactly the same with our present fears, we will laugh with them. So why wait for this moment!

15TH MYTH OF HAPPINESS: Could be better

Reality: not a fact! Now I will say one, maybe for the modern world heresy, but: all that we see, everything that surrounds us, everything that we have, absolutely everything that now exists is the best option of what could be with us, this is the most the best that could happen to us! The rest, undoubtedly, could be even worse, but thanks to the heavens it did not happen or did not happen. All only for the better! It is necessary to understand, understand and thank life for what is! Here is something that can be better (in the future), if we deserve it – this is true. But only if we deserve it! Be happy!

16TH MYTH OF HAPPINESS: Do not think about tomorrow

Reality: Just the opposite, it’s worth thinking about tomorrow, but you can not worry, worry, worry, fear the future. Fear of the future is one of the most common factors of problems in our life. The fear of the future is aggression towards our future, and in response to our aggression, time contracts, depriving us of the future. Believe me: everything will be fine! Be happy!

17TH MYTH OF HAPPINESS: Life is short, we live one life that will soon end

Reality: life is eternal, we live not one, but many lives, being born again and again, incarnating in different times, in different places, in different people. This ancient concept, forgotten by many, has been used for almost a hundred years by the most progressive psychologists, psychiatrists, psychotherapists, and researchers of our consciousness. But be happy now!

18TH MYTH OF HAPPINESS: There is no happiness in life

Reality: there is happiness and it is in us! Be happy!


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