3 causes of Human Fears

A person from birth accompanies many fears. No animal fears microbes is not afraid of its own nakedness, does not become terrified at the sight of a pregnant woman. The list of unique fears for a person can be continued indefinitely. In the list of all kinds of phobias, there are more than a hundred fears of man. Why, unlike animals, do people scare so many things?

All animals are frightened. They are afraid when they see, hear or feel what scares them. Fear is an emotional reaction that occurs in response to a frightening stimulus. Animals are frightened by real things – sticks, fire or predators. Fear helps animals avoid danger. And thereby save a life. But a person is afraid of much more. And what is not related to the immediate threat.

Fear of man is the reverse side of the mind

The reason for the huge number of fears in a person are such useful things as memory, imagination and speech. This is a rattling mixture, which some people tightly bind to the house, others do not allow to communicate, the third deprives of rest at night. In humans, the stimulus that triggers fear can be an association that arose in response to a completely innocuous event, a fictitious image or a memory.

The first reason for a person’s fears is the memory

The personal experience of each person consists of the situations he has experienced. If you are attacked by a dog, then after that you will become afraid of dogs.

But a person still has to learn from the experience of others. If you see one day an attack of dogs on a neighbor, you will forever remember this. And you will be as frightened as if the dog attacked you.

If animals can only see what is happening in their environment, then the Internet, cinema and television are available to the person. Never in the history of mankind have we had such a sea of ??experience of others. Every day on TV you can see the criminal chronicle. And even if you or your loved ones have never been bitten by a dog, then surely you’ve seen such attacks on TV. Of course, this becomes part of your experience.

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Every day you are bombarded with horrible stories of tragic deaths. Both real and imagined. At your disposal are horror films with killer maniacs, ghosts and ghouls.

As a result, memory servicefully offers you a sea of memories of all sorts of existing and non-existent dangers.

The second reason for a person’s fears is speech

A person from animals is distinguished by the ability to transmit knowledge through speech. Hearing the story of how someone bitten by a dog, you perceive it as if it were her witnesses. When you were told about how a dog was bitten by someone, the dog-danger association is the same with you as the victim. Even if you have never seen a single evil dog.

In addition, parents and teachers are taught to be afraid of things that you have never encountered and, probably, will never come across.

Internet, radio and newspapers are at your service. This is another way to read and hear about what you need to be afraid of.

Therefore, a person’s fear can arise even when he has not witnessed any dangerous situations.

The third reason for man’s fears is imagination

Unlike an animal, to frighten you enough imagination. Imagination is a powerful tool. It helped a person create a variety of tools, come up with effective ways to get food and fight disease.

Imagination is also a time machine that allows you to see your future. And to foresee dangers. Imagination protects you perfectly. It would seem – excellent ability! But sometimes the imagination plays with you a cruel joke.

Striving for maximum safety, the imagination offers you the most nightmarish version of the future. Even if its probability is negligible.

Or you just think of a threat, imagine it. And it’s done! Your enemy will be you.

A person can imagine such things, which in nature does not exist. So, already a small child is afraid of Koshchey the Immortal and the Snake of Gorynych. Becoming older, we are afraid of ghosts, vampires, werewolves and aliens.

You can imagine your own personal monster. And you will be frightened sitting at home, surrounded by close people, wrapped up in a blanket and with a cup of tea in hand. But the feeling of comfort will not come. The mere thought of this monster is enough to make you shudder with horror over what does not exist.

Your mind, memory and imagination can create an image of a non-existent threat even when you are completely safe. Fear and anxiety torment you when objectively you are not threatened and can not threaten.

Man is able to understand abstract concepts. He does not need to be frightened of such things that no animal can comprehend – responsibility, the meaninglessness of existence, non-existence and infinity.

A person has more fears than animals. But this is what allowed humanity to survive. Fear contributed to the development of civilization and progress. So, because of fear of hunger, a man thought of planting plants and grazing cattle. Then he invented a plow and a tractor. To save products, people invented refrigerators and other technologies for long-term storage of products. Because of the fear of death and disease, a man came up with medicine. Because of the fear of freezing – clothes.

But the imagination of man created a lot of both dangerous and useful things at the same time. Cars, nuclear power stations and household chemicals faithfully serve a person. But at the same time you need to be careful. Civilized people are almost not threatened by predators and hunger. But the number of dangers in the life of a civilized man has increased due to great inventions.


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