7 hidden symptoms of pride

Pride will kill you. Forever. Pride is a sin that most likely prevents you from recognizing your desperate need for a Savior. Those who believe that they have no health problems will not go to the doctor.

By degree of danger, pride is difficult to compare with anything. When it comes to exploring our heart, for those of us who have pride this is a difficult time. Pride amazes our eyesight, forcing us to look at everything through a prism that embellishes and distorts reality. Even the ugliness of our sin she paints with beautiful and laudatory paints.

We cannot say that we have no problems with pride, because we do not see it in our heart. And these blissful moments, when I stroke my back and say that I am fine, these particular moments should alarm me most of all. I need to wear glasses of Christ humility, remembering that nothing good lives in my flesh, and to explore my heart for hidden pride and its symptoms.

In his essay on pride, Jonathan Edwards points to seven of her hidden symptoms.

1. Finding flaws

While pride pushes us to deny evil within us, it also forces us to overlook the goodness of God in others. We “sift” people through the sieve of our perception and allow only their shortcomings to pass through it. Thus, we form our idea of ??others.

When I listen to a sermon or study a passage of Scripture, pride encourages me to avoid the “operation” that the Holy Spirit wants to do on my heart, and instead write a blog article or plan a possible conversation with someone who “really needs to listen “.

Edwards writes: “A spiritually proud man discovers this when he seeks for the flaws in other saints … A humble Christian has something to do at home.” And since he sees a lot of evil in his life, he is in no hurry to deal with the hearts of other people. ”

2. Sharpness

Those who are infected with pride, with contempt, irritation, disappointment and judgment condemn the sins of others. Pride hides behind the screen of our belittling the spiritual struggle of other believers. She is hiding behind our jokes, making fun of our spouses. She can even leak into our prayers for friends.

Again, Edwards writes: “Christians who are brothers should relate to one another with humility and meekness, just as Christ refers to them.”

3. Surface

When pride lives in our hearts, we are more concerned with what others think of us than with what actually happens in our hearts. We fight only with those sins that affect the opinions of others about us, but put up with those that no one sees. We achieve great success in those areas of holiness that are well visible to others, but we care little about our inner “secret places”.

4. Protective behaviour

Those who rely solely on the righteousness of Christ will find in it a safe haven from the various attacks of people and Satan. True humility does not lose self-control and does not rush to defense against challenges and reproaches, but instead continues to do good, entrusting its soul to the faithful Creator.

Edwards says: “The more words sounds against a humble Christian, the longer he will remain silent until he enters his“ secret room ”and opens his mouth in prayer.”

5. Arrogance before God

Humility approaches God with confidence based on Christ. If one of the elements falls out of this equation (humility or confidence), then our hearts will most likely be overwhelmed with pride. Some of us do not lack courage in front of God, but if we are not careful, we will forget that He is God.

Edwards writes: “Some, in great joy before God, forget what is said in Psalm 2:11 -“ Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling. ”

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Others feel insecure in the presence of God, which sounds like humility, although in reality it is another symptom of pride. At such times, we demonstrate the faith that our sins are greater than His grace. We doubt the power of the blood of Christ and look at ourselves, not at Christ.

6. Thirst for attention

Pride desperately wants attention, respect and worship in all its forms.

This may take the form of bragging. This may be the inability to say no to a desire to be needed. This can manifest itself as an obsessive desire to marry or get married, or dreams of a better marriage, because of the desire to be adored. This can be expressed in the form of an obsession to have a more expensive car, a bigger house, a higher position and all because of seeking glory from people, not from God.

7. Neglect of others

Pride is likable. It glorifies those who honor this world, attaching greater importance to their words, desires and needs. I feel thrilled when people with power notice me. We consciously or unconsciously go around the weak, uncomfortable and unattractive, because we think that they can give us nothing.

Perhaps many of us suffer from pride more than we think.

But for such people there is good news. Recognizing pride is the first signal of its end. This means that the war has already begun. Because only the Spirit of God, working in our hearts, humbles us, and then the veil of pride falls from our eyes and we see ourselves in the true light, recognizing our “sickness” and seeking healing.

By the grace of God, we can return to this glorious gospel, in which we believe and which speaks of Him, even when it reveals our pride in all its hidden manifestations within us. Just as my hidden pride once led me to death, so her recognition leads me to life, prompting me to grasp even more at the righteousness of Christ.


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