9 games in which our brain plays

Our mind, a loyal friend and an excellent companion, is often our enemy when it comes to happiness.Or even more accurately, we allow him to deceive us in matters that we do not particularly think about and let ourselves go. Recognizing and debunking these traps is very important for the realization of our right to happiness.

1. I would be happier if I had to work less.

Our mind often resorts to this argument, arguing that we would be happier if we did not have to work. We imagine a life full of entertainment, and we are deceived, thinking that from this we would become happier. However, idleness is often the main cause of boredom and depression. We are hardworking, creative creatures. We must solve problems and improve ourselves in order to be happy. Put your soul into something meaningful for yourself, and you will see how your degree of happiness has risen!

2. It’s not me, it’s all them.

Our mind tries to make us believe that the cause of our misfortune is in other people: friends, spouses, parents … We are ready to throw charges to the left and to the right, as the baby is throwing toys in the kindergarten. Of course, for “tango needs two” – as we blame others, so they accuse us. The moment when we take responsibility for our lives will serve as the foundation of true happiness.

3. In order to be happy, I need to discover the secret of happiness.

The secret is that there are no secrets of happiness or success. No matter how many books, authors, and our own minds convince us, there are no secret keys from the door of the Simple Human Happiness. You create your own picture of your future, form a strategy, and then persistently and diligently work on its implementation. There are no shortcuts. Adopting this fact will move you along the path of happiness much further.

4. If I had …

Our brain tries to convince us that we would be happier if we had another job, another house, another car … There is nothing wrong with wanting better things and circumstances, but it does not make us automatically happy. They can temporarily elevate the mood, but it all goes away quickly. Anyone who wants a lasting happiness, must realize that the barrel of desires is bottomless, and it will never fill up the trust. And true happiness comes from within …

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5. I love what I have, and I do not want change.

By allowing ourselves to think like this, we create all the prerequisites for falling down. Life is a journey into permanent change. Some of them we control, some – no. Resistance to change or an attempt to take everything under your control are doomed to failure. Changes are inevitable. You must accept this and learn how to swim in a continuous stream of changes. The ability to adapt is very important for happiness.

6. If not today, then – never.

Our mind often falls into despair and is disappointed in a few steps from success. Persistence is very important for achieving happiness. Never let your mind deceive you and accept your defeat. You do not know what tomorrow will bring you. Only one day – this can be all that is needed to achieve your dreams.

7. I will make a decision when I know exactly what to do.

The more you think, the sooner you come to a standstill. Weighing risks, analyzing opportunities and accepting a plan are important factors, but nothing happens until there is a solution and action. We very rarely have full information for decision-making. Stop doubting! Failure is not the end of the world. Do not allow your mind to entrap you into the trap of total analysis of everything in the world.

8. I know I should not, but …

Our mind tries to deceive us, denying the consequences of our bad habits. Especially it concerns health issues. “I know that I should not smoke, but it helps me lose weight.” Or: “I know that I should not eat this, but if I can not enjoy life, then why live at all.” Health problems are definitely a challenge to happiness. Do not let the mind catch you in the trap of self-justification and condescension to your weaknesses.

9. Dreams come true for those who are lucky.

The mind tells us tales that we are toys in the hands of fate. This leads to the thought that nothing good can happen in this life. What our mind regards as luck in others is often the result of an invisible long and painstaking work. Believe in your dream with all your heart, and you will be surprised how often in this way you are lucky.


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