Full List of Common Phobias of the Person

A fear of  swallowing agiotrophobia – fear of holy places agirophobia – fear of crossing the street agoraphobia – fear of open spaces anemophobia – fear of falling into a natural disaster ailurophobia – fear of cats ayhmophobia – fear of acute objects acarophobia – fear of scabies acrophobia – fear of altitude alectorophobia – fear of chickens and chickens algophobia – fear of pain amaxophobia – fear of riding on transport ambulofobia – fear of walking on foot anginophobia – fear of angina attack anglophobia – fear of the whole English Angrofo biya – fear of an androphobia rage Fear of men anthropophobia – fear of men anthropophobia – fear of people aphyphobia – fear of bees arachnophobia – fear of spiders asymmetry – fear of asymmetric things asthenophobia – fear of weakness astrophobia – fear of stars and the starry sky atazagoraphobia – fear of being forgotten / unnoticed atelophobia – fear of inappropriate normophobia – fear of failure autophobia – fear loneliness aulophobia – fear of flute aerophobia – fear of flying B batofobiya – fear of depth of batrahofophobia – fear of frogs bibliophobia – fear of books botanophobia – fear of plants brontophobia – phobia of thunderstorms AT vaccinophobia – fear of vaccinations against infections verminophobia – fear of microbes vesifobia – fear of dressing wicca phobia – fear of sorcerers virginithophobia – fear of rape D Gamophobia – fear of wedding harpksophobia – fear of robbery of hedonophobia – fear of pleasure heliophobia – fear of sun exposure hemophobia – fear of blood type gerontophobia – fear / dislike of the elderly people herpetophobia – fear of reptiles heterophobia – fear / dislike for people of the opposite sex geyfirofobiya – fear of bridges hydrophobia – fear of water ginofobiya – fear of women hylophobia – fear forest hypengyophobia – fear of responsibility hypnophobia – the fear of death in his sleep glossofobiya – stage fright godofobiya – fear of travel th homophobia – fear / hatred of gays graphophobia – fear of writing D Deepnophobia – Fear of talking while eating Demophobia – Fear of the crowd of dentofobia – Fear of the dentist Dendrophobia – Fear of trees Decidophobia – Fear of making decisions Diabetophobia – Fear of diabetes Diadascalephobia – Fear of the school ? Zephophobia – fear of zemmophobia jealousy – fear of rats of zoophobia – fear of animals AND Hierophobia – fear of the priests of the church insectophobia – fear of insects iophobia – fear of poisons / poisoning ichthyophobia – fear of fish TO kaliginefobiya – fear beautiful women cancerophobia – fear of cancer cardiophobia – fear of death from heart disease karnofobiya – fear meat katagelofobiya – fear be mocked kiberfobiya – fear of computer technology cynophobia – fear dogs claustrophobia – fear of enclosed spaces kleptofobiya – fear steal or be robbed koitofobiya – Fear sexual intercourse coprophobia – fear of overdoing coprophobia – fear of feces caulphobia – fear of clowns cryophobia – fear of cold xenophobia – fear of nezn of the L lilapsophobia – fear of hurricanes M fear of cooking malesophobia – fear of giving birth to mastigophobia – fear of corporal punishment megalophobia – fear of large subjects menophobia – fear / rejection of menstruation mechanophobia – fear of machines mizophobia – fear of contamination mikofobia – fear of poisoning mushrooms mymecophobia – fear of ants mnemophobia – fear of memories mutephobia – fear of moths Muzofobia – fear of infection H neophobia – fear of a new necrophobia – fear of the dead – no – phobia – fear of darkness. nosocomoephobia – fear of hospitals ABOUT obesophobia – fear to grow fattened ombrophobia – fear of falling under the rain of ornithophobia – fear of birds phlegm phobia – fear of snakes P papyrofobia – fear of parasitophobia – fear of parasitism paraphobia – fear of sexual perversion parthenophobia – fear of virgins pedophobia – fear of dolls pedophobia – fear of children peladophobia – fear of baldness peniaphobia – fear of being poor / impoverished plutofobia – fear of wealth pnithophobia – fear of being strangled pogonophobia – fear of beard pterophobia – fear of bird feathers R radiophobia – fear of radiation FROM selahofobia – fear of sharks siderexophobia – fear of rail transport scolephophobia – fear of worms scotomaphobia – fear of blindness scopophobia – fear of being mocked by sophophobia – fear of learning social phobia – fear of social action T fear of being buried alive – the fear funeral talassofobiya – fear of the sea teratofobiya – fear freaks tomofobiya – fear of surgical operations trypophobia – fear of holes tripanofobiya – fear of injections Have urophobia – fear of involuntary urination F phagophobia – fear of choking pharmacophobia – fear of taking medicines philemophobia – fear of kissing phylophobia – phobia of falling in love phonophobia – fear of loud sounds phronemophobia – fear of thinking X chemophobia – fear of chemical compounds of chionophobia – fear of snow chronophobia – fear of hours C cyclophobia – the fear of two-wheelers E eisoptrophobia – fear of mirrors ecophobia – fear of one’s own home of enisophobia – fear of criticism of eosophobia – fear of daytime ergophobia – fear of eritrophobia – fear of blush ephebophobia – fear of youth I jatrophobia – fear of doctors]]>

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