How to learn to manage your dreams?

Before going to sleep you need to write on paper what exactly you want to see. Say, “I want to be near the ocean.” Writing a wish on paper, read it a couple of times to make the visual memory work. Now try to move mentally to the ocean. You need to imagine what feelings you will experience when the waves will caress your feet when you wander through the wet sand, and the wind caresses your curls gently. Now, under the phrase that means your desire, write down the following: “When I’m near the ocean, I’ll understand that it’s a dream.” Now quickly go to bed without being distracted by any business.

Lying in bed, enter the alpha rhythm, then imagine yourself on the ocean. Fall asleep, keep repeating the theme of your dream and the intention to recognize it. If you were strolling along an empty ocean beach this night, realizing that this is actually a dream, then you could see a conscious dream.

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When you wake up, immediately write everything you saw, not missing the slightest detail. These dreams often contain many secrets and answers to the questions you are interested in.

But you do not need to abuse the technique of fast sleep and other manipulations with your own consciousness, sometimes you just have to lie down and forget yourself with sleep.


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