How women kill masculinity in their men

Many women complain that their men, so courageous and interesting at the beginning of the relationship, in time become quite different: weak-willed, passive, lazy … Although this is the man you once chose, for some love (but for what – already and do not remember). It is interesting, but how many women thought that they themselves make their men less manly? In the end, when people stay together for a long time, each of them is responsible for the development of relations, as well as the development of a partner. Where do weak men come from next to strong women?

Taming of the Shrew

At the beginning of a relationship, we are attracted to a man of power: for example, be proud and boast of how he fearlessly drives a motorcycle. We like it when a man rigidly demonstrates his position – “You will not go anywhere!”. Take it for jealousy, not for excessive control, and be proud that you are next to such a strong man. And what happens when you have lived together for some time? All that was valued – depreciated, and on this occasion, a woman expresses her disapproval.

Passionate motorist? “How much time can I spend in the garage, spend all the money on spare parts …”. Always ready to help? “You give the last shirt to your friends.” Attentive to relatives? “Are you going to stick to your mother’s skirt?” Well, and with the regular repetition of the same words in them, both spouses are already beginning to believe.

It is not difficult to guess why women do this. They are simply accepted for the re-education of a loved one , wishing to create a “convenient option” for themselves.

Why do we need a man “in a lightweight version”?

It is not difficult to guess. After all, the most courageous men are wild, unpredictable and dangerous. Well, who wants to live next to a sleeping volcano? This is not guilty and do not command … Therefore, wives are trying to remake the men “for themselves,” to make them more comfortable, to get a man-teddy bear, with whom you can do anything: she wanted – took, squeezed, wanted – she put in place.

One of the reasons why women “domesticate” their men is jealousy and a desire to reduce its attractiveness. After all, it is in masculinity! And for such a “home” – who pozaritsya? Forgetting at the same time that he himself likes this kind of less and less …

Why does a man agree to this? Thanks to the assimilated patterns of behavior, many grew up without a father or with the same “domesticated” pope. Well, and out of the desire to please his woman (note – beloved, because because of the unloved at such sacrifices do not go).

So what is next?

And than such games come to an end? Sooner or later the “settled” man will understand that he is already completely under the heel. Often they try to escape from this dictatorship when a middle age crisis sets in: to buy a new car, to leave the family, and if not, at least go into the world of computer games and heroic there.

[caption id="attachment_889" align="aligncenter" width="312"]women kill masculinity in their men women kill masculinity in their men[/caption]

If you see an expensive racing car on the street, pay attention to who is driving. Rarely – a young guy, more often – a man strongly over 40.

Well, if a man does not find the strength to rebel and simply submit to fate, he will turn into an uninteresting, dull person, who is offensively called a “rag”.

So it turns out that we marry supermen, but we get passive men who do not need anything, but they are convenient with them. But a man – this is not home slippers, it should not be comfortable and comfortable! For the sake of such a man does not want to be beautiful. I do not want to cook. I do not want children from him. He does not inspire. And it’s difficult to talk about respect for a man .

Therefore, it is important for women who do not want to live with a “mattress” to weaken control . Do not read the correspondence, do not check the phone, do not make it arrive on time. Do not dictate what to say, how to dress, what to do, with whom to communicate. Then, you see, next to you will be a courageous partner, and not just a convenient and safe “option.”

Well, with a real man, life is always more interesting. Today he goes on an extreme trip, and tomorrow he calls an online flower shop and orders you a million red roses, because he wanted to, because he is capable of spontaneous actions and can make his own decisions.

And finally. There is such an aphorism: “All men are weak. And the gentlemen are weaker than all. ” Do you know who it belongs to? “Iron Lady” Margaret Thatcher. So why be surprised?


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