People with higher education are more patient

Educated people suffer an easier craniocerebral injury, described in an article by scientists from the United States. The results of the research are in the scientific publication Neurology. The experts came to this conclusion during the study, in which 769 people who had recently undergone such a trauma took part.

The specialists of the participants were divided into groups according to the level of their education. In the first group, there were those who could not finish school. Participants in the second group were people with secondary education, as well as those who passed some additional courses. Respondents of the third group received a minimum of a bachelor’s degree. This observation was conducted during the year. It turned out that everyone who had a higher education recovered much faster from the disease, despite the varying severity of injuries.

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Dr. Eric Schneider, who is the author of the study, noted the following: “Participants with higher education recovered from injuries seven times faster than those without education, the second group recovered five times faster.” The longest period of recovery was for respondents who graduated only from school. The subsequent work of specialists will be directed directly at studying how the level of education helps to accelerate the recovery of the body after trauma.

At the moment, experts recommend to receive higher education, because it is, according to the study, it helps the brain to cope faster with the consequences of injuries, but it also acts as a prophylaxis for various degenerative diseases of the brain, for example, Alzheimer’s disease. Higher education here is thus cognitive.


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