10 main problems in relations with men

We discuss our men with my mother, friends, colleagues and even neighbors. In the very desire to understand there is nothing wrong, but the problems are still unresolved. And the fact is that we mostly discuss men with women. English journalist Humphrey Hunter in her book ” Men : secret materials” (Publishing house “Exmo”) answers many questions from the point of view of the stronger sex.

According to the author, this book is “nothing embellished, absolutely honest description of single men: how they are arranged, how they think, what they want and why they do this or that.” Asking a large number of women, Humphrey singled out some of our most important problems in and gives recommendations with pleasure.

Problem 1.

“They believe that the house elves (that is, women) wash all the dishes, wash clothes, throw out garbage and fill the refrigerator with food.”

We are angry with men for the lack of help, but the author of the book believes that it is not a matter of razvodushi and laziness. “We will be pleased to carry out our part of the work and a little more than that. It is necessary to conclude an agreement with his man: she will not treat him as an incompetent wage worker, and he will do more at home. “

Problem 2.

“They offer us a solution to the problem, when we just want to be listened to.”

It turns out that the same difficulties exist for men with us. “It’s best to tell a person straightforwardly that you just need to” open sluices “and lift the weight from the soul.”

Problem 3.

“They do not pay attention to our plans, birthdays or anniversaries and do not remember them.”

The author explains that in the rules of free men there is no habit of buying cards and gifts. But it’s important that with the advent of the girlfriend of life everything changes: “If the girl has a guy who really does not remember the things that they planned, or even forgets about her birthday, then maybe she should think about his feelings.”

Problem 4.

“They suffer from” male flu “and shameless hypochondria.”

We consider this to be whining, but the author takes a different position: “Take care of him when he is sick. If he is not really sick, he himself will soon get bored. But do not tell a man that he is not sick at all and he should get up and do business. “

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Problem 5.

“They can not tolerate shopping, unless one has to buy something for them – then they become obsessed.”

It’s not about pulling a blanket. Just men do not understand women’s trinkets. “All the pillows seem to be about the same. But remember who will take the heavy bags home. “

Problem 6.

“If he goes” to drink a mug, there and back, “then as a result, he turns off the phone, and he crawls home at four in the morning, no good for nothing.”

If this does not happen too often, do not worry: “Men often do not know how long they need to” take a walk. ” Our parties can live their own lives. “

Problem 7.

“He does not allow me to choose that we will watch on TV.”

Here the author is on the side of men: “If you are really annoyed that he does not let you choose what to watch, be smarter. Look for a compromise. “

Problem 8.

“He sees off everything that has long open legs and big breasts with a lascivious gaze.”

Do not treat men like animals. “It’s as natural as getting hungry or getting tired. But there are limits to how tolerant you should be to that. “

Problem 9.

“They are waiting for praise for every little thing, despite the fact that it took them an eternity to do it.”

The author insists that this is one of the most important things for men: “Most of all we like to receive food, praise and sex from our girlfriends.”

Problem 10.

“They spend our savings on stupid expensive gadgets.”

There is no need for male psychology. Both men and women love toys, “Before you pounce on him for this, try to compare how much you spend on clothes for a year.”


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