6 useful and real steps to getting out of depression

Depression is a condition that affects a growing number of people around the world. It can happen to everyone, regardless of nationality, education, social status, and faith. Despite the fact that there is nothing to be ashamed of, people suffering from depression usually suffer tacitly for fear that they will be labeled as “mentally incompetent.”

Islam is not only a religion, but an all-embracing way of life, and the teachings of Islam offer solutions to any problem, including depression.

It is necessary to say at once that we are not going to discuss this way of getting out of depression, like antidepressants. Based on our knowledge and experience, we offer six ways to become above the troubles and tests of depression:

1. Read the Surah “an-Naas”

In fact, depression is mainly a sense of self-doubt and extremely low self-esteem, which Shaitan is insinuatingly whispering to us. If you read Surah “an-Naas” (the last Surah of the Quran), you will notice that in fact it is a prayer for protection from the suggestions of Shaitan. Therefore, the repetition of suras “an-Naas” whenever there are doubts in oneself, protects us from depression, and to someone who has already been in this state – will cheer up.

2. Read dua about overcoming anxiety and sadness

“O Allah, verily, I am Thy servant, and Thy servant, and Thine slave’s son. I am subject to You, Your decisions are binding on me, and the verdict You have given me is just. I conjure thee with each of your names by which you called yourself, or sent it down in your book, or revealed it to someone of the created by you, or left it hidden from everyone except you, to make the Koran in the spring of my heart, the light of my chest and the cause of the disappearance of my sadness and the cessation of my anxiety! “(” The Fortress of a Muslim “).


“O Allah! I resort to Your protection from anxiety and sadness, from inability and laziness, from the burden of debts and oppression of strangers “(” The Fortress of a Muslim “),

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3. Do charity work.

It is proved that to devote one’s time to giving happiness to others, to participate in charitable affairs raises the mood, gives moral support and inspires cheerfulness.

The formula is simple: you bring someone happiness and get happiness in return. In this case, charity may not be something huge in the financial sense. This can be voluntary assistance to a neighboring shelter, the organization of meals for the needy, distribution of things. Maybe you just feed the hungry.

As soon as thanks to you on someone’s face there will be a smile, you will see that your mood will change for the better.

4. Walk and admire the nature

One of the main symptoms of depression is that it covers a person completely and sucks out the vital forces from it. It often happens that people, being depressed, do not want to meet with other people, close in their shells and sit at home, and this further depresses depression. Although it is not so simple as it seems, they need to try to get out of the house, take a walk, admire nature – this will certainly cheer up.

Many know that by contemplating the beauty of the world created by Allah, paying attention to such simple things as singing birds, we take a step towards getting out of the depression.

5. Create a new hobby

The English saying goes: “Idle mind is the workshop of the devil.” If a person suffering from depression has nothing to occupy himself, and while he is isolated from the world, it is very likely that he will go deeper into depression. A new hobby can also serve as an effective means of preventing depression.

Very productive are such hobbies as reading books, conducting an Islamic blog, studying the Koran. It should be emphasized that we, in this case, do not count movies and other frivolous activities as useful hobbies.

6. Think about how easy your life is

If none of the above methods help, then this one, for sure, will lead you out of an agonizing numbness. Think about what you are experiencing and ask yourself: “Can this be compared to what happened to the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him and blessing). Did I lose at least 1% of the tests that fell out to him? ” In his early childhood he remained an orphan. His wife and uncle died just when he needed them most. His relatives pursued him until he was expelled from his native land. Has anything happened to you that can be compared to his suffering?

We know that defeating depression is not as easy as it seems, but if you have determination and sincerity, then all these steps will help you find a way out.


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