Stop sharing your plans for the future

Have you ever watched how your plans, which you were covered with only recently, that burned and dreamed of what would come out when you reach them, collapsed from the breeze of the wind? Or, having conceived a new business plan, you calculate the profit, and, trying your strength for the first time, achieve success, but repeating the cycle, fail and are disappointed? Why is this happening? There is an explanation for this. Chemistry in the brain. And it turns out that the problem is not in the breath of the wind, but only in ourselves. How can you not lose the intended goal and come to the result?

Do not tell anyone about the purchase you are about to make. Do not tell your friends about plans that affect much in your life. Do not boast of what you have not yet achieved, but are only going to, even if you have all the possibilities for it. Keep your program secret, which is at the idea stage or is already under development. Be a partisan about what you are going to do. You do the trip yourself, opening your cards ahead of time. Praise for unfinished business threatens to complete failure!

Each of us was in a situation where a wonderful idea is born in my head that ignites from within. The idea that you want to make sure to turn into reality on your own. The end result is attractive to us, there are no obstacles – you take it and do it! The desire is so burning that immediately there is a desire to share this thought with others. We would like to talk about our plans and outline our friends and acquaintances, conceived in every detail. We are interested in seeing the reaction of people, but here lies the most common mistake that people allow again and again – vanity.

Vanity can take a variety of forms. It can be masked in the form of a desire to hear the opinions of others about your idea. Sometimes vanity hides behind the mask of seeking advice and ideas regarding the realization of the desired goal. Vanity is manifold in its manifestations and people who give it the will stumble on an equal footing. As the people say: “Warm water does not stay in one place.” The most common form of vanity is bragging on credit. You boast of unfinished business and the chances are that the goal will never be achieved.

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Remember the situation when you told your friends about your plans, and then did not keep your promises. You either started to do something, but as a result there was no interest, or you did not start at all about what was so beautifully told to others. As a result, we, most likely, blame ourselves for spreading about our plans, and things are still there. How many wonderful ideas have remained just ideas! And the reason for this is a banal human vanity.

Features of the brain

Once scientists who studied the work of the brain, made an amazing discovery: the brain practically does not distinguish between physical movements and imaginary ones. When a person thinks how to make a move, his motor cortex is activated, as if he were really moving! This can easily be demonstrated with the help of appropriate equipment. If we crouch or visualize this process without real physical actions, the brain’s electroencephalogram shows the activity of the same zones. The same effect is observed when a person “scrolls” in the head the music he heard earlier. Despite the fact that at the moment he is in complete silence, the equipment shows the activity of the brain zones responsible for real listening to music.

Sports trainers before the others realized what to clearly represent and do – it’s almost the same thing. That is, if you play football, you can significantly improve your movements by simply incorporating the visualization technique into your workouts. It’s no secret that professional athletes claiming gold spend a lot of time, clearly representing each of their movements.

The conclusion is the following: The brain does not see a difference, a person is boasting about an already completed case or deed that has not yet been completed.

What does this lead to? When an idea comes to us, the brain perceives it as incomplete and the person feels the desire to reach it. If we do not have a camera that we want to buy, for the brain this is an indisputable fact. There is no camera. We do not hold it in our hands, we do not take pictures. We need to work hard this month to earn money. But what happens when we tell our friends about our intention to purchase a specific camera, a specific model? The brain automatically begins to visualize how we come to the store and buy it. Or we begin to imagine that we already have a camera.

We boast of a camera, as if it is already available. The brain takes this literally. If we boast, then there is. And if the camera is acquired, then why strain and earn money on it? If you tell your friends that you are going to write a computer game, be sure that the brain perceives that the game is already ready. Why strain and program, if the game is complete? The brain does not see any sense in motivating a person.

There is a big difference between visualizing the final goal and visualizing the goal at the time of vanity.

In the first case, you program the mind and subconscious mind to perform the task and give a clear picture of the destination. In the second case, you share the fait accompli with friends – that’s how our brain perceives it. Intentionally visualize the ultimate goal is necessary in order to really achieve it. Who does not know the final point of the movement, he will never reach it.

The energy of vanity is a powerful natural force. Use it!

Let’s say you have an idea for a new business. Be it the opening of an unusual bookstore or the creation of an interesting Internet project. Anything. As soon as we thought about the ultimate goal, immediately there is a special emotion – the desire to translate the idea into reality. Within the framework of this article, for simplicity, let’s call this emotion a special type of energy – the energy of motivation.

The energy of motivation is allocated by the resources of the body upon request. As soon as we wanted to reach the goal, the necessary amount of energy appears to realize it. To achieve the desired result, we need to use one hundred percent of the allocated energy, no less.

In this case, the emotion of the desire to complete the job, and there is that same motivation. This is the fuel that the body has filled our tanks so that we can reach our destination. The fuel required for specific physical and mental actions. But how do we manage it? The desire to achieve the goal, sometimes, is how burning, which we certainly want to share with others. We want to see surprise and admiration in the eyes of those with whom we share. We hurry to tell you about our plans. And what is the result? Fleeting satisfaction. How often do you manage to rise in the eyes of your friends by telling them about something that does not yet exist? Hardly anyone praises you.

So, initially we have 100% of the required motivation energy. We came to a friend Petya and told him that we were going to open an unusual online store. Take away 10% of the allocated fuel. Now you have come to Comrade Vasya and described to him in every detail your idea. Take another 10%, or better all 20%. Then you told colleagues at work that you are going to devote your free time to a new idea. Subtract another 20%. Tell your friend Masha? Do the calculations again. How much percent of fuel motivation is left in the end? thirty? 5? -60?

The fact is that we need all 100%! We will not reach the final destination, we will not have enough gasoline. But what if you have already spent half the fuel? You feel a loss of interest. You stopped halfway. Now either you give up the goal, or wait, and accumulate fuel again. Sad, given the fact that you have already told your friends about your desire to finish this damn online store.

Conclusion two: Use the desire to boast to achieve the goal.

Grind your teeth and put water in your mouth! Let the desire to boast pushes you forward! It is it that moves us to achievement, adding fuel to the fire. You want the people around to see your masterpiece quickly, so start to do everything possible to make it really happen faster. Be silent as partisans during the Second World War. These are your trump cards. Stop rasplyoskivu in vain priceless fuel. Communicate with friends, as if nothing had happened, as if you have nothing to tell them. Actually, in fact, so it is!

Thus, we kill two rabbits. First, we do not waste the energy of motivation, and secondly, even if we stop halfway, no one will know about it.

Pay attention, really fruitful people do not share their plans. They surprise us when they show the final result. We feel respect for those who silently made a masterpiece for several months. That’s right. Such people really deserve respect and admiration. And they, in turn, achieve excellent results only because they do not give in to the desire to squander their own motivation.

Let’s sum up

1. The brain does not feel the difference whether you share real achievements or your plans for the future. When you tell about the ultimate goal, the brain automatically puts a tick “goal is achieved.” Proved by scientists, verified by electronics.

2. Do not confuse the intentional visualization of the ultimate goal and the automatic visualization that occurs when you share your plans for the future.

These are two different things. Intentional visualization can and should be used in everyday life. It gives commands to our subconscious, and it, in turn, necessarily finds ways for realization of the conceived.

3. When we set a goal for ourselves, we are given the necessary amount of fuel to achieve it. Fuel is how powerful it is to strive to realize yourself in any accessible way. Do not let it be realized only in conversations with others.


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