The subconscious effect of pheromones or you will recognize it by the smell

New research has shown that pheromones act on the subconscious.

If a person gets rid of external sources of smell: perfume, clothes, deodorants, then each person will still be able to determine the opposite sex partner. Pheromones, which are produced by our body, act on the subconscious and can accurately determine the distinctive smell of a woman. At the same time, homosexuals can identify both male and female smells.

[caption id="attachment_714" align="aligncenter" width="300"]pheromones pheromones[/caption]

The author of the study, Wen Zhou from the Chinese Academy of Sciences, explained: “Our results have proved once again the existence of human sex pheromones. They show that a person is able to determine smells subconsciously, without thinking about them. “


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