10 psychological techniques that help to influence people

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Below are 10 psychological techniques that help to influence people

1. Call a person by name

Own name is perceived as something very pleasant and important. The name is an integral part of human life, from birth. His pronunciation confirms the existence of man on earth. In addition, it has already been proved that the use of the title, status, rank causes a person positive emotions. If you want something from the interlocutor, then you need to call it relevant. For example, wanting friendship or a good relationship , call a person a friend, and if you want to work for him – boss or boss.

2. Listen

It is important to listen carefully to a person, even if he is not right. Do not tell him about it at once, you can agree on something and find common interests. And then try to explain to him your opinion and the interlocutor will take a closer look at your words.

3. Nod in agreement

In our society, a nod is considered a sign of agreement. From this it follows that nodding in conversation with a person, we are pushing him to realize our rightness. After such a conversation, he will agree with all your arguments and will not contradict.

4. Repeat statements of the interlocutor

This method is used by psychologists. They listened attentively to the person and paraphrased his story, thus forming a certain connection between them. Try to talk this way with your friends and they will begin to feel comfortable next to you.

5. Flatter it

Flattery is appropriate only in conversation with self-sufficient people. They themselves know the price and frankly praising them, you just confirm what they already know. And if a person is not confident in himself, your flattery will contradict his opinion. This will cause anger, but not as an arrangement to you.

6. Repeat the movements

Reflection of movements, like those of an opponent, plays an important role in achieving mutual understanding between people. Most people use this trick without even thinking about it, automatically. It is inherent in nature that people are better treated by those who are at least a bit like them. Repeating gestures, you, as it were, once again prove the importance of a person and he feels comfortable next to you.

7. Offer something from which it is difficult to refuse

The technique is based on the sense of duty of a person. For starters, ask for something simple, and then wait a few days, ask a more difficult task. As a rule, a person will willingly fulfill it.

8 . Fatigue of the interlocutor – your trump card

From tired people it’s easiest to hear a positive response to your request. When a person is exhausted, he becomes more susceptible to demands due to a decrease in the level of psychic energy. Do not wait for the fulfillment of the request right this minute, most likely it will be performed tomorrow, after rest.

9. Ask for help

Do not hesitate to ask for a favor even from those who are not your friend. Most often the request is fulfilled, because a person thinks that you will also help him someday. In this way, he will continue to carry out your assignments.

10. Ask for more

Ask the person for something ridiculous or impracticable. Of course he will refuse, and then, after a while, you can safely voice this request. The opponent will feel atrocious after the last failure and will be happy to help.


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