The rarest human phobias

In psychiatric science, a “phobia” refers to a pathologically elevated reaction of fear to a particular irritant. Phobia is an irrational, strongly pronounced, uncontrolled or persistent fear that irreversibly becomes aggravated when certain situations arise. It should be said that the fear, generated by the phobia, does not lend itself to a full logical explanation. None of the doctors can say how this mental illness is born and develops. However, under the influence of his own phobia, a person is afraid and avoids only DEFINITIONS, things, objects or objects.

There are many different phobias. Some of them are more common, others are less common. But, there are a few phobias that are considered very, very rare. There are 7 of them.


Nomophobia is a fear of not using a cell phone. Sounds, of course, very strange, however, there is such a phobia and it is officially recognized in the medical world. People suffering from nomophobia do not part with their mobile phones for a minute. They will never leave the house without a cell in their lives, they will take it anywhere, to the bathroom, and to the toilet … If you are “lucky enough” to see a person with nomophobia in a place where there is no connection, you probably will witness the strongest nervous breakdown !!


It sounds beautiful, does not it? What do you think, what is afraid of a person suffering from this phobia? No, no hippos, no monsters … You do not know? It turns out these people are afraid of long words. (If I had heard such a word, I would probably have been frightened myself 🙂

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Metro … phobia … At first glance, it seems that the disease is associated with the fear of submarines. However, suffering Metrophobia is not afraid of underground! Panic horror at them causes reading or hearing of poems.


Genophobia – pathological phobia of the knees. Yes, you heard me right. The horror of people suffering from Genophobia, causes the appearance of other people’s knees. They seem to them so unattractive and repulsive that they cause uncontrolled attacks of anxiety. Naturally, such people, to put it mildly, “do not like” their own kneecaps, so they will not wear shorts, short skirts or dresses for anything.


Octobhobia- Fear of the figure “8”. People with octophobia will avoid everything where this figure is present. I wonder what she did not please them? Unlike the inverted mathematical sign of infinity. Hmm … But then it would be a different phobia – a fear of infinity. Anyway. I’m very interested in how such people did the exact sciences in school. How do they read the newspaper, watch TV, dial telephone numbers? .. At first glance, it would seem, quite a fake phobia, however, doctors say that it can cause not only acute panic attacks, but also tachycardia.


Staurophobia- Fear of crucifixes and crosses. Straight is some kind of atheist disease. Apparently, an aversion to religion and everything associated with it is inherent in such people genetically. Interestingly, this is how their ancestors warmed up, that the descendants of one kind of cross can provoke an uncontrolled seizure? .. Sorry, distracted.


And, the last of the seven most rare phobias – somnifobia – the fear of falling asleep. People with somnifobia can not fall asleep alone, or in the dark. It seems that the stories told by their parents were deposited in their subconscious in the form of bizarre images of baba, twister masters, etc., which are going to crawl out of the closet and drag the forty-year-old child behind them. People with somnifobia are very difficult to put to bed. Hence – problems with insomnia and, as a consequence, depression, lack of appetite, arrhythmia.


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