10 terrific tips from a great speaker and psychologist

1. If you want to find happiness, stop thinking about gratitude and ingratitude and indulge in the inner joy that self-giving brings.

2. Never try to settle scores with your enemies, because by doing this you will bring yourself much more harm than them.

3. Act like General Eisenhower: never think of a minute about people who are uncomfortable with you.

4. Do not criticize, condemn, or complain.

5. Remember that your interlocutor may be completely wrong. But he does not think so. Do not judge him.

6. Be able to stand on the position of another person and understand what he needs, not you. With the one who can do it, the whole world will be.

7. If a person tries to use you for his own purposes, delete him from among his acquaintances.

8. If fate gives you a lemon, make a lemonade out of it.

9. Be busy. This is the cheapest medicine on earth – and one of the most effective.

10. Behave as if you are already happy, and you will really become happier.


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