6 Tips for Transformation of Conflict

Conflict in any sphere of activity is a normal phenomenon, almost daily. Against two ” for” there will be one in the team who does not agree. There are two classical solutions: management or authorization. Of them, and chooses the majority.

  • Conflict management assumes that it is a common thing for this community. Here the main thing is to keep the conflict within certain limits.
  • Resolution of the conflict. The resolution is considered in favor of a compromise and as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately, these options are not very effective, as it could be. Consider the third option-the transformation of the conflict. We propose to approach the conflict as an additional opportunity to strengthen relations within any group.

6 tips that will be useful in the transformation of the conflict:

  • Consider the conflict as an opportunity ( As a rule, we perceive conflict as a problem. It inspires us with fear, we do not have the desire to understand. It is necessary to see the essence of the conflict as it really is.)
  • Respect the enemy ( If you are sure of your right and do not want to hear another, and the situation you perceive as a problem, then the conflict will grow and you will be guaranteed a stalemate.)
  • Identify the main problems (It is a mistake to think that married couples are swearing about money.) Control is the real reason.)
  • Imagine a common future (If you can not imagine the enemy as part of your future, you will not be able to transform the conflict)
  • Know when to leave ( While both sides will not voluntarily negotiate the transformation of the conflict, you can forget.) If the other side is uncompromising, you will most likely need to leave. Transformation and capitulation are different things)
  • Remember and learn

Remember and learn lessons from the conflict so that in the future not to repeat the same mistakes. Learn to avoid the consequences of conflict. See other possibilities. Transformation of the conflict, not victory at any cost or the bitterness of defeat, will benefit your organization.


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