What is Personality development?

Personality development is a fundamental component of the process of human formation.

Closely related to physiological and psychological growth, personal development is not completely dependent on these processes for the direction of human formation. Often, excellent personal development is combined with physical weakness and undeveloped memory.

Complementing and replacing each other, growth and development form a person, giving him many opportunities for physical and personal improvement. Unlike the developing under the rigid program of plants, the process of human formation flexibly changes, allowing, together with the growth of physical abilities, to develop moral and spiritual qualities-persistence, mental depth, the logic of thinking, and others.

Development of personality traits

Remaining an independent direction of human formation, personal development is associated with physiology and psyche, creating conditions for raising its level. You can develop successfully only those personal qualities for which the appropriate prerequisites have been created.

It is impossible to develop masculinity in a one-year-old baby – the child is not ready for this psychologically and is not sufficiently developed physically.

During the formation of a person there is a periodic change in the processes of its growth and development, reminiscent of a change of vertical and horizontal movement. The period of horizontal growth, when accumulation of knowledge and skills takes place, replaces the rapid vertical transition to a new level of personal development and the next stage of horizontal growth, where a person adapts to new conditions and opportunities.

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Reaching their greatest intensity in childhood, human growth processes slow down with age, and then, after a certain period of life begins to have a pronounced regressive character. The majority of older people are reduced by intellectual abilities, memory weakens, and a part of muscle tissues are atrophied. Curiously, against the backdrop of regression of mental and psychological abilities, personal development can continue.

Psychology of personality development

Being one of the key themes of the practice of modern psychology, the concept of personal development has various interpretations, caused, in particular, by confusion in the terminology used. The term “personality development” used by various specialists can mean at least four semantic variants related to completely different topics, namely:

  • Applying the expression “mechanisms and dynamics of personality development”, specialists mean the development of personal qualities as a process;
  • Speaking about the achievements of the individual in his development, they discuss the level of personal development and its resultant outcome;
  • Discussing the methods and tools used to form a personality from the child, they touch on the topic of personality formation;
  • Speaking about the forms of independent development of a person’s personality, they mean the ways of author’s self-improvement.

Discussion of personal development as a process affects the dynamics of this phenomenon and its mechanisms.

In the research of the development of the personality of theoretical psychology, this concept is associated with a complex process, which is predominantly natural, the constituent parts of which can be:

  • Study and training;
  • The actions carried out by children together with adults;
  • Received when solving internal contradictions of knowledge;
  • Formation of the body and mind.

Speaking about the results of personal development, first of all, they answer questions related to qualitatively new characteristics of new formations, methods of confirming the results of development, as well as the development of personalities of specific people, comparison of their levels and peaks.

Independent personal development is one of the most interesting trends in modern theoretical psychology, convincingly proving that human self-improvement is possible.

A person can independently develop his personality and influence the personal formation of other people, and various developmental and improving personal qualities of the technique can help him in this, the development and implementation of which are relevant to the field of activity of specialists in practical psychology.


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