Why do we lie?

In matters of relations, sincerity is almost the first place. People often demand the truth from each other, whatever they are. But it turns out that being honest is not easy for everyone. Someone is lying for their own benefit, someone out of habit – all have their own reasons for lying. But no one wants to be in the place of someone deceived. Therefore, people often look for ways to find out how frank this or that person is. In fact, it’s not that hard to find out, it’s enough just to know why we lie in these or those situations. This will quickly determine not only who and when is insincere with you, but also what are his motives. Agree, this is not the most useless skill.

Creative impulse.

The most shameless and unpredictable liars are those who lie for the sake of a red word. Such people are more often the soul of the company, charming storytellers and little scammers. They tell amazing stories, which you want so much to believe in. The success of their lies is that most of us want to believe in a miracle and in a fairy tale, which we get when listening to their stories. For sure, many had to be in the shoes of a creative liar, so it’s easy to understand such people. We know exactly why we lie at such moments – just to bring a revival into the conversation or attract attention to ourselves in the new company. More often than not, such a lie is absolutely harmless, unless the talent of the narrator is used for profit.

Lies for salvation.

How often people lie, believing that lying will help something to a person. To answer the question why we lie in situations where a close person is seriously ill, if a friend changes her husband, if we do not like someone’s new haircut or car, it’s not difficult. We do not want to hurt again, we think that a person will be happier if he does not find out the truth. In fact, we make a choice for him in what reality he exists, and we speak untruth for his own good. Such lies are often justified. But in fact, a lie is always a lie, no matter what excuses it can cover. More often than not, it is more important for a person to know the truth in order to take adequate measures, even if it’s just a matter of unsuccessful make-up.

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Lies of benefit.

People often tell lies, based on their own benefit. Many faced such situations when it was easier to lie, for example, when we were late for work once again, when we forgot about our promise, when we are too lazy to do something. Why do we lie in such situations? Because the truth would be unprofitable for us. But the benefit of lying can be different. Scammers often use their eloquence and compelling facts to achieve their goal, which is not often succeeded. Often it is lodges for personal gain that make liars the greatest disappointments.

Justification of their own complexes.

Often people embellish reality, because that world and the life they live in, does not suit them. Someone is dissatisfied with their work, someone with a car, someone with personal relationships. There is always something that does not meet our expectations. But if someone makes an effort to correct life in accordance with their own desires, then there are those who prefer to lie. Such people create only the illusion of happiness, it is they who talk about eye-popping beauties, whose attention is surrounded, about incredible career successes, about expensive cars and the life that is beyond the reach of most. In this way it’s easy to get popularity, but what will be its price and what risks will be exposed at the most inopportune moment – not everyone thinks about it. Often lovers lie to hide their real life,

Whatever the lie, it is always unpleasant. Very few people like it when they drive him by the nose, then why do we lie, if we know how it can be painful? Everyone has his own reason and justifications. It must be understood that every person at least once in his life resorted to this or that kind of lie and the goal could be any. Sometimes a lie does not deserve attention, sometimes forgiveness. Everyone makes a choice who, when, and why lie and who to forgive for lying. But in life, truth is always valued higher, whatever it may be.


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