Why is a Man afraid of Woman?

The fact that the weak sex suits total control over the life of the strong, in modern society is not surprising, and even on the contrary is considered quite acceptable. In the question of why a man is afraid of a woman, one sometimes needs to understand, because such fear prevents people from building normal relationships, creating families, raising children.

Symptoms of fear

Women are mostly used to the fact that a man must be stronger, in a relationship always take the first step. They expect this from the stronger sex. In society, it is considered that if a woman takes the initiative, then she is one of the representatives of easy behavior. Despite the fact that the world has changed a long time, many still continue to profess this morality.

But why do men wait for actions from women? To begin with, you need to understand how a man who is afraid of women in general or some particular lady is showing up. Psychologists identified 9 main features:

  • Eating with the eyes, but inactive;
  • teases;
  • chooses more accessible;
  • prefers recognition of one-time entertainment;
  • Loses the gift of speech in the presence of the object of adoration;
  • hides the sight;
  • Attempts to attract attention by extraordinary behavior;
  • agrees to the meeting proposed by the girl, but does not show her initiative;
  • tries to speak, but immediately leaves.

A man looks at the lady, but does not solve it

Here the reason, most likely, is that the woman is dressed too provocatively, or her sexuality is so strong and attractive that it becomes scary. In such situations, many men consider themselves unworthy of the attention of ladies with a model appearance. The first thought is that it’s too cool for me. Here the indecision of the guy is based on the fear of being rejected.

The guy is constantly trying to hurt something

This behavior indicates that the MCH with its caustic remarks tries to expose the liked representative of the fair sex in an unfavorable light. In his perception, it will become more accessible and will not be able to tell him that he is not worthy of it.

Prefers to go the easy way

In the company of friends, one of the girls is recognized by the general opinion as the most beautiful and intelligent, but for some reason, it is still without a couple. This is another sign that the guys are afraid to invite her to meet. Here, as in the first case, a protective reflex is triggered by young people, because to be rejected publicly is a shame for them. It is better to admire in silence or offer to meet ugly, but not be exposed to ridicule.

The guy is obviously not indifferent to one, but on a date, he calls for another

Again, fear. But in this case, it acquires a slightly different color. Here, fear of responsibility comes first. That is, falling in love with a perfect girl by the standards, the guy prefers to spend time with the ladies for one night. Plus, relationships with women of easy virtue give some men a sense of superiority.

Next to a woman she likes, a man loses his voice

It starts to blush, to behave unnaturally. In other words, MCH exhibits classic signs of a woman’s fear, to which he has an interest. In such situations, the girl can catch the ear of the ear, addressed to her: “she is too good for me”. That is, the guy likes it, but he considers himself unworthy of her attention.

Secret views

A man flaunts from the beauty of a girl, can not help but look at her, but admires sly. It is worth their eyes to cross, as he immediately turns his eyes away. At the same time, if he is busy with something, then because of the fact that he “caught”, can be blown so much that he drops the phone or spills coffee.

Public bragging

In the presence of the subject of sighing, the man tries to behave defiantly, to boast about his unusual abilities, to waste money, to perform some tricks. So he tries to get the attention of the lady he likes. It’s not enough to just go up to her and invite her to meet or go out for a walk. This behavior is similar to the conjugal games of some birds.

Bezynitsiativny, but it goes against women’s desires

A man always agrees to meet a woman, if the message comes from her, but he never calls and does not write first. Here there is a fear of falling in love and subsequently being abandoned. A man is afraid to dream and make plans with a woman who considers himself superior in all respects. He does not believe that a lady can have serious feelings for him, but she can not resist the temptation to spend time together if she wants to. Usually, when trying to find out from him what the reason for this behavior is, MCH gently translates the topic and leaves the conversation.

Starts a conversation and immediately leaves him

The man behaves as if he wants to say something, but for some reason he is silent. Again, fear, but this time to be misunderstood or worse than ridiculed. A blow to self-esteem is the most terrible thing for a man.

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Causes of fear

The fear of showing initiative towards a woman does not arise from scratch. There are explanations for this. Since such a problem occurs quite often, psychologists have been working to identify the causes of such fears.

Allocate the following:

  • a premonition of failure;
  • difference in social position;
  • bad experience;
  • copying of family relations of parents;
  • single parent family;
  • Sissy.

Premonition of refusal

Fear of rejection restrains men from the first step, because if the intuition does not fail, self-esteem will be greatly hurt. This is hard for anyone, especially the stronger sex. If a lady is beautiful, and in addition to this, she also enjoys popularity and respect in the society, a man unsure of himself will never dare to approach her for fear of getting rejected.

The difference in social position

If a man has a modest income, and he does not occupy a high position in society, it is unlikely that he will seek the attention of a wealthy lady, if he is not a gigolo. However, in the modern world, everything is turned upside down. Some representatives of the fair sex feel comfortable behind the “wide” female back, being content with the role of the householder.

Bad experience

Sometimes men start to avoid women, similar to the one that caused the trauma. It manifests itself in different ways – fear can arise subconsciously at the sight of a woman with a similar appearance or a similar voice. Sometimes the reason for avoiding a new acquaintance with the lady may even be the color of her hair. For example, if the offender was a burning brunette, the man would avoid all the brunettes, sometimes even without realizing it.

Copying the model of relations in the family

If the father in everything obeyed his mother, was afraid of her at least something to argue and this fact was not hidden, a boy who grew up in such an environment, automatically begins to fear women. A special threat to him will be represented by powerful women.

Incomplete family

The man was brought up by one mother, who had all the responsibilities on her shoulders, and because of this she became harsh and tough. As a boy, he was constantly afraid of her anger. Such fears are very often transferred to the adult life of a man, and he begins to fear all women without exception. Such fear often turns into pathology. In this situation, a man is not able to make a relationship with the ladies because of an overwhelming fear. Here, without the help of a therapist can not do.


Such men in the mind firmly fixed the image of a female despot. A mother who does not step a step without her control and deprives her of the right to choose her own. Whatever girl this man is, this mother will never accept her. Raised in this spirit, the son simply does not know how to disobey the mother, so with women, he will always have problems.

In each of these options, the problem can affect the mind of a man both superficially and take root in him so firmly that it is impossible to do without the help of a psychologist. If in especially severe cases, no action is taken to solve it, then there is the risk of living life all alone.

What women are afraid of men

There are among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity ladies, which men try to avoid. Psychologists identified several such basic types:

  • a female vamp;
  • a woman dictator;
  • female manipulator;
  • a female child;
  • the woman-hysterical woman;
  • woman-generator of ideas;
  • the woman-talker;
  • woman-holiday;
  • a female consumer.


At such a lady some guys look with admiration, others literally throw in a shiver at the mere thought of coming up and making friends. This type is good only for courageous macho, mastered the art of taming obstinate predators.

Woman dictator

This iron lady fits perfectly into the world of politics and is best suited for a leadership position, where there is simply nothing to do without her qualities. As for relations with men, where everything is very, very sad. Iron grip, the habit of controlling and the desire to control everything and everything, can scare away any man. Even those who do not fear the opposite sex, prefer to look for a more acceptable option – gentle and affectionate, loving and understanding.


Initially, these innocent gentle creatures attract the opposite sex, but very soon any man will hurry to retire from the sight of this cunning creature, which with the help of various female tricks tries to deprive her of MCH individuality and the right to personal space. Coquetry and whims are good in moderation. When the whole life begins to obey the immediate desires of this doll, the man is ready to run away from her, headlong.


This type can attract only a few of the entire male population of the planet. The psychology of a man is arranged in such a way that even the news of the impending fatherhood is digested for a long time. When, in front of his eyes, is a large-age Infanta, most likely he will escape after the first night.


Perhaps the most terrible of the types for any man. An explosive, scandalous person, ready at any time to burst a waterfall from tears – this is a real brain drain for representatives of the strong half of humanity.

Woman-generator of ideas

These ladies take the initiative in their hands on the first date. Talking with a woman planner only a couple of hours, a man already knows how they will play a wedding, how many guests will be, who and what will give, where they will go to rest on a honeymoon and how many children they will have. Is it any wonder that the next appointment will not happen, and the MCH cell phone will die for this person forever.


Excessive talkable ness sin many ladies, but there are among them those whose gift “Trindychikhi” simply passes all the limits of what is permitted. Being in the company of such chatters becomes unbearable in a few minutes. There is nothing surprising in that, driven by this “sweet chirping” to a nervous breakdown, a man is ready either to fall through the ground, or to escape, where his eyes look. By their behavior, such female characters resemble blackcocks to the current.


Ladies belonging to this type are also called moths flying to the light, because they do not imagine their lives without partying and social parties. Such women can always be found on bright, noisy parties. Yes, they attract men who want to have fun for one, at most two evenings, but none of them will bear the burden of financing such a friend on a permanent basis.

Female consumer

Self-interest in a woman, her greed, like no other quality, pushes her from the opposite sex. It is only the man who suspects her true intentions in her companion, how he will immediately disappear from her life.

It is interesting. Some women manage to combine several of the above behaviors. Such men are not afraid of men, but simply do not want to associate their lives with them.

How to get rid of fear – advice of a psychologist

For any person, the desire to have a family, give birth and raise offspring is a normal phenomenon. Everyone dreams of meeting his half, with whom he will live in love and harmony all his life. In fact, there are very few such pairs, and some representatives of the human race are completely alone and deeply unhappy until the end of the day. After all, in order to create a family, you first need to get acquainted, but already at this stage, many young people are experiencing difficulties.

Experts in the field of the treatment of human souls recommend such men several options for solving the problem. From advice on correct behavior and psychological training to drug treatment.

Method “through I can not”

If a young man liked the girl of model appearance, you need to tell her about your feelings, even if it’s very scary. It’s enough just to inspire yourself that there is nothing terrible in rejection. For the first time, for the first time, the “unapproachable fortress” can throw a white flag when it manifests persistence. At the same time, if you silently experience your feelings – nothing will change in life exactly.

As an example, we can cite the work of L. de Vega under the title “A dog in the manger”, on which the film of the same name was shot. In it, the sacramental phrase was uttered: “Love can not be offended, whoever is the one who dreams with happiness; We are insulted by failure. ” In fairness, it’s worth noting that beautiful girls and women are much more likely to be left alone because men are afraid to talk to them.

Important. In order to succeed in the fight against the problem of gynophobia, it is necessary to know its cause. The first thing to do is to exclude the question of whether a man can fear women in principle. Yes, it can, and in some cases the problem takes the form of a severe mental disorder. The roots of phobia, as a rule, hide deep in the subconscious, because they grow out of children’s complexes and offenses.

Method “flow of positive”

This training is available to anyone who wants to. What do we have to do:

  • Smile at the woman you like.
  • Take your eyes off.
  • Look at her again, and when she looks at you again, smile again.
  • If she smiles in response, invite her to meet.

Such an exercise can perform even the most unsound man. At the same time, even if a woman refuses to refuse due to some insurmountable reasons, she will do it as gently and friendly as possible. Self-esteem, self-respect of a man will not suffer, and this will give him the opportunity to feel more confident.


It is used in more severe cases. By immersing the patient in a state of hypnosis, an experienced specialist will be able to understand where the cause of gynophobia lies hidden. And when the diagnosis is correct, the treatment is a success.

Group therapy

A person who has a problem and wants to get rid of it, will feel much better when he finds out that he is not alone. This approach helps to understand the man suffering from gynophobia, that he is not alone. This approach helps a person relax and let go of their fears.

Medicamental treatment of phobia

If, when necessary, to communicate with the representatives of the weaker sex, the man every time there is a feeling of intense anxiety, which can reach the loss of consciousness, psychotherapists prescribe the appropriate tranquilizers. Therapy should be strictly following the recommendation of the attending physician. Self-medication with the administration of drugs not prescribed by a specialist can give the opposite effect.

Important. In today’s world, there are many ways to overcome fear of any origin. If there is a problem, you need to fix it. Do not try to cope on your own.

The problem called gynophobia is real, so do not treat it as something shameful. Any, even the most insignificant at first sight fears, it is necessary to exterminate at the root and not wait until they turn into a serious illness.


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