Why not share your plans with anyone?

Imagine that you decided to do something important and enjoyable – for example, go on a trip that you’ve been dreaming about, or buy a dress that you saw yesterday in the shop window. Since this desire literally bursts you from the inside, you can not stand and call your friend – share your plans.

For some time you discuss your intentions with her, the interlocutor, as you think, is not very happy with them, and you are solely in search of understanding! – Call another friend, or not one, depending on the result.

It is hardly worth mentioning what happens next – each of us has ever faced such a situation once in your life: you are called from the travel agency that was engaged in your trip, and reported that it is for some reason independent from you, or from them – that is, exclusively objective reason – will not take place. You are offered a different route, but you refuse, because they dreamed of something else. To somehow calm down, you rush to the store, where you looked at a stylish dress, but it turns out that you bought it just half an hour before your arrival, and after all you already saw yourself in it – in general, from vexation you just want to tear and throw . Of course, the above examples are from the category “let this be your greatest grief”. But the plans are also much more serious – related to personal life or business organization, and they can not be achieved for a trivial reason – because of the fact that you talked a lot about them and enthusiastically talked about them. Why is it better not to share our plans with anyone – both Napoleonic, and not very much?

Loss of energy

None of our plans or desires is given by the Universe simply for us – the energy necessary for their implementation is always attached to them. And it comes, as a rule, in a limited number – that it is enough only for this your invention, no more and no less. If you enthusiastically discuss your plans with other people, you lose this energy – it goes along with the words. Therefore, when you finally begin to act, it turns out that your dream is “blown away” – you have neither the strength nor the desire to do something to implement it – as the heroine of the story of Galina Shcherbakova “You never dreamed” “everything has gone into words.”

[caption id="attachment_910" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Why not share your plans Why not share your plans[/caption]

Subconscious Games

One can not ignore the attitude to what is happening in our subconscious , the unprecedented possibilities of which have not yet been studied by people. One of its features is that it does not see the difference between reality and the pictures that arise in our imagination. When we aspire to achieve something, the subconscious mind tries to help us: it seeks ways to achieve the goal, calculates them, chooses the best and presents it to us on a silver platter. But if we talk about our plans in all corners, while describing how wonderful we will be to travel or seductively look in a new dress, our subconscious considers these plans to be realistic and refuses to help us: why strain if what we dream of We already have? It’s no wonder that as a result, we can not do anything.

The result is better than talking

What to do? Silence about what you want to achieve, especially if your intention is very important to you. Let your desire to talk about him, which will burst you from the inside, will give the additional energy necessary to achieve it. You will surprise and surprise your girlfriends much more, if you come to meet them in a new dress and with photos taken during the trip, than talking about it. In addition, if for some reason you do not succeed, nobody will blame you for levity and idle chatter.

If there is no way to be silent, psychologists advise us to express our plans in the form of doubts – for example, as though accidentally asking a friend: “Do you think I will get such a dress? Something in this fashion confuses me …” or in passing, notice: “Now everyone is going to Goa, as if there was honey smeared.” This approach will give you an opportunity to discuss an exciting topic and gather information about it, not revealing your true intentions either to your friends or to the subconscious.


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