What happens if you start telling people the truth?

Which of the friends is better: the one who will tell the truth, because to him his friend is not indifferent, or one who is silent or will say that the choice of the companion of life / work / new home / tie is completely nothing, just to please? As practice has shown, it is better who hands up or gives up. And the one who honestly answers the question, in the end turns out to be the enemy.

The same goes for work. If you create a personal image, you must be successful: publish beautiful photos with beautiful and successful people in beautiful places; to comment in fashion magazines; periodically to star in front of cameras and cameras and to please their admirers with photos in “Instagram” and “Facebook”. And no one is interested in knowing, it’s even harmful to know that you really can not stand being photographed, that you are already tired of giving comments, or that you want to stay as far away from those with whom you constantly flit in photos.

What will happen if you suddenly start telling the truth? And it will be very fun! Believe me, I know what I’m talking about.

People will stop talking to you

It can be members of your family, friends, colleagues and investors. Prepare for the environment to change dramatically. This applies to both real people and your “friends” in social networks. When you say the truth, it is difficult not to offend someone, but it is also known that only those who take advantage of it are offended. If a person is honest with himself, it is very difficult to offend him. He can only be puzzled by his act.

People will start to think that you are crazy

Reading your records or communicating in person, many will start to wonder: “Are you crazy?” It is possible they will ask this question to your friends or loved ones and take an interest in your mental state. Someone can politely advise a good psychoanalyst.

[caption id="attachment_901" align="aligncenter" width="356"]you start telling people the truth you start telling people the truth[/caption]

People will start to get scared

They start hanging labels on you. Someone will say that you are just trying to stand out among the crowd and not be like everyone else. Someone will call the upstart. To tell the truth – behavior is not entirely natural for modern Homo sapiens, and no one likes it when someone at the corporate meeting gets up and starts telling the truth about what is wrong. In general, very few people like to be told the truth about deliberately unsuccessful things.

People will start to find you funny

After others get used to your saying, some will even find you amusing, and people will slowly return to you. They will be interested in what this crazy man will do this time? And, most importantly, they will be confident in 100% of the truthfulness of what you wrote or said. You will become for them almost the only source of news “without censorship.”

People will begin to trust your advice

After the stage of habituation and boiling, people will begin to trust you. Because they will know for sure that you will tell them the truth, and do not send beautiful stories to your ear just to sell something. They may not love you, they may even fear you, but they will come for advice anyway. You will become free

And the last, most pleasant stage – you will become free of your golden cage. Nearby there will be people who like you precisely because of personal preferences, and not because you agree with them to please. And it will become easier for you, because now you will not have to follow what you wrote, or what you dressed, or for someone with whom you now appear in the photos. You are you. And next to you those people who love you, appreciate you and trust you precisely because of this.


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