How to apply online for IRCTC RuPay Prepaid card?

This article explains how to apply online for IRCTC RuPay Prepaid card. This prepaid card can be used for making online payment to book your Indian railways train tickets.

The card is in collaboration with Union Bank of India. So, after creating card, you can re-load the money in it using Union Bank of India official website. I’ll explain this also later on.

Basic information on IRCTC RuPay Prepaid card:

  • You need to have valid PAN (Permanent Account Number) card to purchase your prepaid card.
  • Initial load amount of INR 500 at the time of card purchase.
  • One card per user will be issued.
  • You’ve the option of applying this card as “Virtual” or physical.
  • If you select virtual, you will get card details like card no., CVV, expiry etc. via email ONLY. There is no charges to issue virtual card. There is no renewal of these cards. After expiry period of one year, card holder has to request for new card.
  • If you select physical option, you’ll be provided a physical card at your home address and you’ll be charged Rs.50/- for that.

Physical card has two variants

a) Partial KYC Physical card
b) Full KYC Physical card

  • Both Partial KYC Physical card and Full KYC Physical card are valid for three years. There is no renewal of these cards. After expiry period of three years, card holder has to request for new card.
  • The minimum top-up amount is Rs.1000/-.



  • The first 5 transactions per card every month done on IRCTC for purchase of Railways Tickets will be FREE (no transaction charges) to the customer for the first 6 months only from the date this card is launched for the public.
  • For every subsequent transaction post the free usage, customer will be charged Rs.10/- per transaction.
  • After six months (starts from launch date) onwards the customer will be charged Rs.10 per transaction including all taxes for every transaction.

I’ve just created one prepaid card for me and will explain the steps along with troubleshooting tips to you.

Step 1 to apply online for IRCTC RuPay Prepaid card

Visit the official website of Indian railways at

as shown below and click on “Request for New Card (New User)” link as shown in below image.


Step 2 to apply online for IRCTC RuPay Prepaid card

The following screen comes.


Here, you need to enter your personal details like PAN no., name, address, DOB etc.

One interesting point I would like to highlight is that when I enter my details in small-case letters, the system did not accept my details. However, after r-trying 3-4 times, when I enter all my details in upper-case, it accepted my form. So, in case of any problem, try to enter all your details in capital alphabets.

Step 3 to apply online for IRCTC RuPay Prepaid card

The next screen is something like this:


Here, enter your top-up amount for which you want to re-charge your card. The minimum amount for top-up is Rs.500/-.

Click on Confirm button and it will take you to the payment gateway, where you need to enter your internet banking details of your bank and that’s it.

If you’ve chosen virtual card, you’ll get immediate emails with PDF attachment; carrying your transaction password , login password, card details PIN no., CVV etc. The password to open that file is first four digits of your Card Number followed by your Date of Birth (in DDMMYY format).

Once you get all the information, login to with your customer id and login password. You’ll be prompted to change your login password and transaction password first.

One more thing, you need to register your card under “Paysecure Registration”. This is mandatory if you want to any online transaction.

Visit the same website, and choose “Paysecure Registration” link from there. Follow the simple steps to complete your online registration.

Benefits of Prepaid card

  • Quick payments on IRCTC Website.
  • Attractive reward points on every transaction.
  • 24*7 reloading of card
  • Free accidental death insurance cover of Rs. 2 lacs (For Full KYC cardholder)
  • No Transaction charges for the first 5 transactions for first 6 months.

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