A Successful Trader and His Workplace

So, you are a forex trader. You have: repeatedly tested reliable trading strategy, ability to control risks and keep your emotions in the fist. Is this sufficient for profitable trading in the foreign exchange market? Someone will say – quite. But we will allow ourselves to object – no, this is not enough. A very important role is played by where and how you trade, and what your working environment is. As you may have guessed, today we will talk about the workplace of the trader and how it should ideally be.

We do not need to launch satellites into space, so a super-powerful computer does not need a trader. However, in extreme cases it is also not worth hitting – the ancient “calculator” is hardly suitable for a successful trader. It is enough that the trading terminals used by you work quickly and do not hang up, and the resources of the machine allow you to work without a slowdown in the browser, watch videos or use other programs.

It is very important to have at hand some kind of duplicating electronic device. It can be a simple laptop or even a smartphone, good, now almost every forex broker has a mobile trading platform. This is in case the computer (unexpectedly, as always) refuses to turn on, the Winchester will fly, the cooler will die, etc.

In the feature films of Wall Street, the trader’s workplace is equipped with monitors from all sides, including the monitor behind the eyes at the back of the head. It’s all superfluous. You can hang monitors from head to foot, but you will not trade better.

One monitor for comfortable trading is enough. And it’s better if he will be with a diagonal of 19 to 24 inches. This will allow you to comfortably trade, and watch a movie or video about ridiculous seals while you rest.

For the modern Internet, the proverb “the faster – the better” is applicable. We believe that this does not need explanations. However, even after carrying out the optical fiber and getting the speed of 100500 Mbps, do not relax. You need to have a backup plan, in case the Internet (as always on time) disappears.

It can duplicate the line from another provider, 3g-modem or smartphone in modem mode.

Do not underestimate the importance of what you are sitting on. In the human body, everything is interconnected. The spine is directly related to the work of the brain, headaches and your general condition. What will be your efficiency if you sit at the computer for a half-hour on the kitchen stool?

Do not regret money and buy yourself a good computer chair. Do not skimp on health, but earn money.

Strictly speaking, if the previous items were mandatory, then this item is optional. The presence at your work of a printer, or even better than an MFP, which combines a printer, a copier and a scanner, will make the trade more convenient.

You can print the necessary graphics, draw on them with a pencil or marker, make tables and posters for yourself with important information, etc. Very well, if it does not lie on the table, but hang on the wall before your eyes.

Finally, we left the most, according to our experts, for trader, the main requirement for the workplace of the trader. It is the need to share personal life and workspace. Agree that there can be no question of any effective trade if, next to you, “As I remember, Varya dies, Ivan Izrailevich in the next room, crushed by a piano …”

If there is a possibility, then it is better to allocate a separate room for trade, where nobody will disturb you. Suppose the option and removal of the office. Let the word “office” do not scare you – it can be an ordinary small company, where no one will interfere with you (do not forget to warn your wife, but how could something not work :)).

How do you see your ideal workplace trader? Share in the comments.